Found out that I can fit a whole Bakers Boys muffin into my mouth... my mother was not impressed by my new found talent...

Hey guys, it feels so good knowing that it's the weekend :D I just got my hair cut and its so freaking short and I love it. So much freedom. Like wow. I CAN FEEL THE BREEZE ON MY NECK :O

First I wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday to @rainie-minnie who is one of the sweetest people I have met on here. I hope you have an amazing year that brings you lots of joy and yummy foods ;D Thanks for being awesome! 

As well as that, Happy Early Birthday @luxecouture!! Ah, Taylor, where do I start? I actually don't even know what to say or where to begin. Basically I hope you have a super duper awesome year in which you find that husband of yours and write more amazing stories for us all and go to the see Mumford and Sons :D

I also wanna just thank @istylista for recommending The Book Thief to me which is one of the freaking best books I've ever read. I can't even put into words how amazing that book was. The way it was written and narrated by Death and the significance of the books that Leisel read and just everything, that was one of the best books I've read in a while. Plus, I expanded my collection of German crude words, now all I need is a subject to test them out on... I've also started to read Les Mis. I know, I could just watch the movie but that has too much singing for me. Plus, it was free to download on my Nexus so I thought might as well. So far, it's pretty good. Wolverine has stolen some silver and is running round shouting some kids name and I think he's crazy? Idk, we shall see...

This is the coolest thing I have seen today http://vimeo.com/24709888. The dude makes patterns on water and then transfers it onto paper. Wow.

Liu Wen, the model in the set is my new fave model.Still not as awesome as Cara though...

Season 2 of Suits ended and suddenly I don't even know what to do with my life. Like I have to wait months till it starts up again. Gah, why did I have to watch them all at once :( I also finished reading Death Note and the end was disappointing in my opinion. I don't know, it was so anti-climatic and I just wanted something major to happen. I think it should have ended at Book 7 where L dies because after that, I really didn't enjoy it as much plus the plot line seemed stupid in places. Le sigh. It was good while it lasted.

There's currently a Batman shaped hole in my heart, I think ima go and watch the whole trilogy again after this. God, I wish I was a fiction character. I would live in The Shire and Gotham City and inside The Death Star all at once.

I'm still keeping up to date with tags so let's go for round 3 :D

I was tagged by the awesome @modest-but-polished
1. Favourite place to shop?
In my head, Acne and Rag and Bone. In real life, Zara, Gap and River Island is weher most of my stuff comes from...

2. Song that makes you laugh?
Marcelline's song about how her dad ate her fries ;)

3. Most epic film?
Hehehe, my favourite trilogies are LoTR, Star Wars and Batman. I could literally rewatch those films SO many times and not get tired, ever.

4. What's one thing you want to do before you die?
Meet all my polyfriends. Make a full length comic book. Own a designer item of clothing. Oh the question said one thing...

5. Chandler or Joey?
Don't watch Friends...

6. Favourite colour of nail polish?
I don't wear nail polish but I am absolutely in love with the matte black Chanel nail polish that keeps turning up on my tumblr dash...

7. Is the book better than the movie, or is the movie better than the book?
Hmmm such a tough question. Generally the book is better unless like with THG the casting is absolutely perfect and everything is just how I imagined it to be.

8. What are you wearing right now?
My paki clothes plus some shepherd like fleece because it's so cold so cold (I'm currently listening to Coldplay and the lyrics literally just went so cold so cold ahahha)

9. Favourite band/group?

10. Jeans or Skirts?
I am always wearing jeans.

11. Favourite Marvel/DC character? i.e. your favourite superhero.
I could talk about superheroes forever. My favourite DC characters would be BATMAN hoohaa and The Joker because just the sheer awesomeness those characters possess, I can't even handle it. My favourite Marvel character would be Wolverine because he's so freaking badass. Rogue and Gambit were so awesome in the original cartoons, Rogue was so sassy and Gambit always spoke in French which was awesome. In the movies though, Rogue is sorta pathetic and Gambit only has a minor role which is sad. Obsessed with Magneto too... Other than X-Men my other fave Marvel dudes are Spidey, Iron Man and Thor :D

Tagged by my twin @tell-me-more
1. What would you rather be - a duck or a chicken?
Chicken because I would taste so freaking good. I just had spicy chicken wings, mmmmm.

2. If you could star in any movie, what would it be and why?
Ahahaha, read blog above and you'll probably guess ;D

3. Favourite cartoon character?
Not counting the ones I mentioned above, let's see. Zuko has to be on the top of my list along with Sokka and Toph. Jake, Finn and Marcelline are like my homeboys. Kougami has a special place in my heart too. I watch too many cartoons ok. Shrek and Donkey will forever be my Dream Team. Captain Underpants is my awesome sidekick. And let's not all forget Johnny Bravo right. Oh but the most badass, Vageta. Freaking Vageta though. Gah. Gaaaah. Damn. Wow.

4. Mario or sonic?
I feel like I will forever be judged by my decision. Ima have to say Mario because I have literally played every Mario game I can get my hands on. Altogether I think we had at least 7 Mario games for the DS about 6 for the Wii and then the old skool ones too. Mario has literally been my childhood.

5. An interesting fact about yourself.
I have this love for toasters. I have never used a toaster in my life but idk this sounds crazy but I have a love for toasters. Especially the ones in John Lewis. Plus I once had this dream that I was leading an army of toasters to war. This isn't so much as an interesting fact but one that certifies my need to see a doctor.

6. Best memory?
I don't really have a BEST memory but I remember that one time Me, Abi and I think it was Punchy were all watching LoTR at the same time and live blogging and dude, that was the best freaking thing ever ok.

7. Worst injury you ever had?
I don't remember this but when I was young, I sharpened my finger and my nail fell off...

8. Favourite vegetable?
Carrots. Duh.

9. Favourite accessory?
Myself :D

10. Were do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Living in a well decorated apartment in London and studying at uni.No, I should be out of uni by then... Well I'll be sitting at my computer blogging away about whatever the hell will be happening 10 years from now :D

11. Gandalf or Dumbledore?
Easy. Gandalf. Well not so easy but he's a clear winner for me. Dumbledore was awesome and all, but he isn't as capable as Gandalf. I mean, personally, it seems to me that Dumbledore believed a bit too much in human kindness etc and he seems a bit naive to me (bear in mind I still haven't read all the books...) But Gandalf is just pure badassness. He's looks so freaking majestic sitting atop Shadowfax with a pipe and his staff and running at Nazgul screaming stuff and then he's all like fly you fools and just ugh. Why can't LoTR be real. Plus, he's Magneto as well which just blows Dumbledore out the water.

So well now you know a whole lot of pointless information about me :D I'm going to go read some more of Les Mis followed by some sort of movie marathon with coconut cake, @ashley-rebecca I'll be sure to save you a slice ;) Have a great weekend y'all :D
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