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I guess life got busy and I kinda forgot polyvore existed... my bad.

Here's a quick rerun of what's been happening since I last blogged which happens to be 4 months ago... Time to try and fit a third of the year into one blog post, this can only go well.

1. I had a blood clot in my eye for a couple of weeks which turned out to not be a blood clot but a little red piece of plastic which had to be removed. According to the doc the possible explanation for why a piece of plastic was jammed so hard into my eye is that I suffered a major head injury which I didn't, making the plastic in my eye incident the biggest mystery of 2014 so far.

2. I had 13 exams crammed into 2 weeks which ultimately couldn't have gone well. Some exams went really well, the majority went ????? and one exam was so utterly horrendous and disgusting and downright bad that I will never forget it ever. Results are coming out in two weeks :/

3. I spent a week in Wales doing marine biology which basically meant walking along a beach quadratting every inch of sand before the tide came up. There was also a lot of measuring snails and things and basically I'm never doing marine biology again ever. The scenery was hella rad though and the view from my window was rocking. You can see a couple of pictures at hijabikebabi.tumblr.com/field-trip-from-hell

3. After two years of agonising waiting since the Euros THE WORLD CUP FINALLY ARRIVED AND IT WAS BRILLIANT AND THE BEST WORLD CUP I'VE EVER SEEN. I went into complete football mode with my tumblr temporarily becoming a football blog, my face temporarily becoming a flag, the living room wall temporarily becoming home to my massive chart and the TV temporarily being stuck on the sports channel. Of course, that nation had no expectations for England and yet we all still managed to be disappointed. I missed the Flying Dutchman because I was busy getting ice cream. And Germany my hella rad team because champions so all was well. I also managed to learn some German on the way and can now say Deutschland Weltmeister and pretend I'm German. I'd go on and on about my favourite world cup moments but most can be found at hijabikebabi.tumblr.com/world-cup-2014

4. My friends discovered I am the spitting image of Neymar so if you've ever wondered about the face behind the blog, go google a picture of Neymar, mentally remove the moustache and tie a blue headscarf around him and BAM you're staring into the eyes of Maleeha. Also on the same note I feel like Neymar is slightly overrated and damn did the Brazilian media jump on the bandwagon and act as if he'd died and the country had been plunged into deep depression without their poster boy.

5. It's gotta be said that this was a great world cup for underdogs. Everyone and their mum had freaking written Costa Rica off in group D, but they played so well and managed to get the furthest out of the misery group that was D. Colombia were hella rad and James definitely should've won the Golden Boot (sorry Messi). The Chilean team was also great to watch and I wish they could be gotten a little further. Shout out to @de-si-ree because Alexis Sanchez is coming to Arsenal which is exciting!!

6. Ramadan started and is already over. Eid was really good and a lot of fun. I wore a long marine blue dress with green embroidery on it. I attempted to do some mendhi but the cone decided to die half way through as per usual.

7. I'm currently reading The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden which is laugh out loud funny and written in such a witty way. I'm halfway through but right now I'm in a bit of a slump where you just can't be bothered to read. I'm also about to start Futebol Nation which is basically a book about Brazil and it's history with football which I need to read for my research project...

8. For one the classes in taking next year I need to do a research project so I'm going to be looking at Brazil and South Africa and whether they could justify the money they've spent on hosting the world cup when they have other social problems in their country such as poverty. Basically I need to do a lot of reading and I have no idea where to start.

9. I think that covers most of what's been happening with me. Other minor events include me becoming a subscriber to The National Geographic, applying for my provisional licence, the Commonwealth Games, F1, those Topshop shoes that I never bought and are now sold out everywhere, cutting off half of my hair and me getting caught on the loom band hype. Are loom bands just a thing that got big in England or has the craze started elsewhere too?

Right I should probably get out of bed now. Just wanted to mention a couple of people I've missed on here and will be trying to catch up with now that summer has started! Hi to @hortensie, @diegolohve, @luxecouture, @elsewhere69, @frenchkitty, @bestdressx, @limabean-347, @y0urangel, @giko-is-giantsister, @patpatkay and a couple of other urls which aren't coming to mind right now... :/

Also this is probably the closest I will get to a blogger set...

Eid Mubarak!
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Wrote two years ago
Love this!! :)) It's been a while, hope all is well!!

Wrote two years ago
Your sets are so chic !!!!

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
and great set of course!! <3 i just love that style



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Let Your Creativity Burst

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Beautiful Muslim Girls on Polyvore

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Fashion is my Passion ♥

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We ♥ Fashion!

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