Ugh. This set. honestly, I hate it so much but for some reason Maleeha likes it and since we share the account, I'm posting this but if it were up to me, it would be long gone into the trash. (Or wherever deleted Polyvore drafts go.)

Any-who, I promised @ashley-rebecca that I would try blogging for once and write about my adventures at school but the truth is, there have been no adventures in school. Literally it is the most uneventful thing to happen in my life. We study a load of crap that we need for our exams and go home. Nothing else has been happening in between and since it's only the first week of school I understand that not much /will/ be happening but yeah... this is the same story year after year. If something does marvellously take place and is actually note-worthy then I will blog and such but until then I am sorry to Ashley if you where expecting great things ;) Hope you're having a wonderful week, good bye everyone!
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