Soo I have a lot to say but I'm going to try and keep it short as this description will become like a mile long but I have something to complain about. And you guys can probably all guess it anyway but it's about the new changes to the Polyvore layout.
Trying to keep my argument as basic as possible I don't like how not all the information is on the profile page. I feel as if on a profile you should have the full details of everything including the description, when the set was published etc. even if you have to click a 'read more' button, it should all be ON the profile page. I also don't like how sets aren't full-size and have been shrunk down to four times the size as once again, on your profile page, things should be full size, right? And I know I'm going on and on a bit, but I think it's more of a half archive now meaning they have got rid of the previous archive option so if you want to look back at old sets, you can't just type in a number any more but must scroll all the way until you find it.
I know this isn't one of the most optimistic of posts so I'm just going to finish off over here instead of saying everything I'd like to, I hope everyone is have a good summer break, bye! :)
Isabel Marant Shoes!!!

Isabel Marant Shoes!!!

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