I could go all caps lock on your ass and keyboard smash and omg for about 5 minutes in order to portray my feelings but I feel like the next sentence will sum up my emotions perfectly:
That English exam was more beautiful than Cara Delevigne's face.
That is all.

Hey guys, I honestly think that was the longest period I've ever stayed away from polyvore (apart from those 6 months after I created my account and the forgot all about this site) and you know what, I missed polyvore and all but it was brilliant because I have done SO much work over the past 3 weeks and I think it paid off because generally, I think my exams went really well. They seriously went better than expected, I felt really good coming out of almost all of them. Textiles was a bit meh, idk how well I did because literally after that exam, everyone was just sorta dazed. Like no one knows what just happened ahahaha. But no ok, English. I have been so stressed for these two English exams because a) I was having to retake one of them and b) I suck at English. The first exam I think was significantly better than the last time I did it, I just need to improve my mark by about 5 or 6 and IA I got that. But the poetry exam. Oh my life. The day before, I was in overdrive, I should've been revising for textiles which I had in about 2 hours but I was busy writing away 8 pages worth of English essays which I was told was a stupid move. BUT NO. BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT. The next day, I opened the English paper and the question just sat there. On a golden throne. With sweet delicacies surrounding it. And Batman perching on the edge. Because I had done this essay yesterday, slightly re-worded but essentially the same thing. I could've cried. And the second unseen poem was pretty good too so hopefully, hope hope hopefully I did well enough to get my overall grade that I want :D I should probably mention that this is only a gut feeling and I won't be sure of how well I did until August. So still gotta keep praying...

I speak like all my exams are over but nope. I've done ten, only two more to go. And those are in ten days so I can breathe a little. Just a little because it's maths and geography but it means I'm back on poly and have forgotten how to make sets. So excuse whatever this is. Oh how I envy you all that have semi-converted to the minimalistic layout. I can't bring myself to do it. It would make blogging so much easier and more frequent but I don't know, I love how you guys do it, but I don't think I would be able to. Ah well.

@sawe and @lenasupernatural are gonna love this next story. Remember the retarded bird in my house, well it's officially been one-upped. I am now haunted by a retarded sea gull. During our exams, this one sea gull would appear by the door and start hitting its beak at the door. The sound wasn't even quiet, imagine a human knocking very hard on a glass door, except it's a bird and the whole hall is silent. Seriously, this bird wouldn't go away, it would just sit there banging away, even when the invigilators would try to shoo it away, it would come back. And it wasn't even once,every day, every exam it would be there, pecking away at the door like that's all there is to life. The first time, I couldn't stop laughing. I'm sitting there trying to remember the qualities of silk and bang bang bang and that was the end of me and that exam. I don't even know. Like what are the chances. I am now stalked by a demon sea gull, destined to make me fail my exams.

I'm tired of talking about exams so I shall just dedicate this to a few people who I've missed. (The anxious feeling when you do a mass tag and try not to miss anyone out... sorry in advance, I missed you all!)

This set is for:
@tell-me-more because our Apprentice commentary is class and we both like to steal some what fancy food from random places
@lenasupernatural because I need to sort out my theme soon and find that damn reblog button. Also because I shall be thinking if you in a min when the Germans start playing
@patpatkay because I failed to SEIZE THE WAFFLE and probably missed my final chance but I shall be adding my destiny to my 43 things
@sawe becase you are very flashing ;)
@hortensie because we will both be watching the Champions League tonight and supporting different teams
@diegolohve because I've missed your awesome insight on random things
@ashley-rebecca because thanks a lot for the advice which reminds me I need to reply to messages...
@luxecouture because I can finally start catching up with Depth and also I was reading this really interesting post and I though of you so enjoy! http://mikedimartinostory.com/2013/05/13/5-books-to-help-you-create-a-compelling-story/
@limabean347 because HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I haven't been on to make you a set earlier, sorry! Hope you had a great day and will have a great year :D
There are others I know, and I feel bad, but next time. Because I can smell spicy chicken wings and am about to die.

This. Is so long. I am sorry. I guess I will have to say everything else some other time. Probably some time soon because there is still so much to say and some exciting news which I will probably need your help with. Hope you're all well! I shall be busy catching up this weekend. Ciao.
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