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Question to you @polyvore. What does Polyvore actually mean. Like there must be some back story to it right? Some hidden mysterious meaning that is the answer to all our worries and when we find out the clouds will disappear and the sun will shine and everybody will skip happily together.

Oh god. This is gonna be a wreck. For real. This blog post. Turn away while you can ahahhaha.

I'm a mess today. I don't even know why, my brain is travelling at 890mph and my body can't keep up so everything is slow mo. Hey did you know on Youtube you can now slow mo things down. But seriously. I wasn't going to blog because Fareeha posted a set today and it is an unwritten rule that we never post 2 sets on the same day because we cannot make sets that fast but oh god, I made this set purely for the reason of blogging. Because I need to just say stuff. My brain is going to explode.


I may or may not be high.

I'm not high.


My thoughts are words I cannot fathom into blog posts.

I don't even know what that is from. John Green? Do not even get me started.

I feel like a leaf. Not the ones that twirl slowly from the sky, more so the ones that are being catapulted by a leaf blower into oblivion. Into space. Into Darkness.

THAT MOVIE. STAR TREK. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Did you see that smoooooth transition ;) For real though, I am a mess. That movie was so good and the whole Spock and Kirk with the glass door in between killed me. Spock was so hilarious. His bluntness. I feel that. I think I can add Spock to my list of spirit animals. Along with fluffy cows. Did you guys know fluffy cows was a thing? bit.ly/16t0iW8 Because it is a thing. Never really promoted my personal tumblr but I am currently feeling very proud of hijabikebabi.tumblr.com

But back to The Enterprise. Zoe Saldana was amazing, The hair and make up was perfect and her outfits on the red carpet were perfect and Scotty was just so hilarious. That Scottish accent ahhahaaha. Captain Kirk's eyes are the bluest blue to ever blue. I've never heard Benedict Cucumberpatch speak, but his voice is so deep which makes me SO excited for Le Hobbit because he will be an AMAZING Smaug. And Star Trek also makes me real excited for the new Star Wars movies because visually, Star Trek was just gorgeous so 2015 shall be even more amazing. So many good movies this summer. Despicable Me 2. That is my movie.

But Star Trek. Was amazing. That feeling when you join a new fandom. And spend your life scrolling through the tags on Tumblr. Oh god. I. Need. To. Breathe.

Do you understand. Why I need to blog. I hope no one is even reading this far down. Ah well. I think you all partly bought into my madness when you hit the follow button. All 6000 and something of you. I forgot to mention how we recently hit 6000 followers. Which is awesome. And one of Fareeha's sets hit the 1000 likes goal of ours. And mine is sitting there. At 998 likes. So frustrating. When something is right there, literally 100m away from you. And then it just drives away. Yes, I am talking about my destiny. Which drove away. Without me.

My destiny. Needs to happen.

I actually helped Leonardo Dicaprio with his destiny yesterday. I had a dream that he was crying, like broken down, sobbing on the floor, mental breakdown crying. Because someone stole his Oscar. In order to steal something, one must possess the item in the first place so I guess he won an Oscar. Congrats yo. But anyway I was some secret agent and was tracking down the burglars like Kirk was tracking down John Harrison in Star Trek and I was hiding under a bridge about to capture them and I then I had to wake up but that happened. So now I expect you to return the favour. Leo actually held a fundraiser the other day to save some endangered tigers. And then some tigers mauled that zoo keeper. At least it wasn't birds doing the mauling *shudders*.

I need a pleated maxi skirt right now. This minute. This second. Now. The one from Zara please. Thanks. Oh and that bag in the set too.

I feel like the Tazmanian Devil, Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner all in one. One and the same. All for one. One for all.

I can still honestly say that this blog post isn't my worst. The day I came from watching TDKR. /That/ was a mess ahahhaha.

Hey there Hania. You are reading this right now. I know. Welcome to my batcave. Make of it what you will. Although you'll be the least surprised to be honest. So yeah, enjoy stalking me. And then make an account. Because that would be awesome. Also, don't read the next bit.

This next week needs to hurry up. So I can experience some cosmic radiation. For the first time in like 6 years. Because I shall be jetting away from little ol' England and landing on the beaches of Vancouver, greeted by the sun and the mountains and maple syrup. Ahahaha, I make it sound so glamorous but in real life it will actually be like this. It will be raining when I arrive at the airport in London. There will be an argument between me and the check in guy because he claims that my luggage is overweight. Eventually, to my deepest regrets, he will win the argument and I will have to leave my beloved wedge sneakers at home. Then I will say goodbye and walk into the place. I don't know what it's called. For the next 3 hours I will wander aimlessly lost beyond comprehension because did I mention I am flying solo. Uno. No amigos. I can't even speak Spanish. Eventually some flight attendant will find me my flight. I will be stuck next to a crying kid. The food will be horrible. And my bladder will be screaming at me but there is no way I am using a public toilet or an airplane toilet. Naah bro. No thank you. You can keep your weird wooshing toilets to yourselves. I will probably give myself kidney failure or wet myself. Either one. I don't know how I managed it last time when we went to Pakistan because I remember being all starry-eyed at the thought of so much free Coke and literally sat, asking for re-fills every five minutes in between watching Shrek and Everybody Hates Chris. That was only 6 hours. And this is a 10 hour flight. You do the calculations but this isn't going to end well.

But still. I SHALL BE AWAY FOR A MONTH WHAT IS THIS. It is a dream. I feel like I'm dreaming. I was actually walking around Tesco the other day and everything was all hazy and I felt like I was dreaming. And the peaches I bought didn't turn out that nice.

But anyway. I shall stop. Because my head feels lighter. Because I have released the birds of my thoughts out into the wild.

I hope you realise I am taking the piss. Any metaphors or weird ass similes I make in this post have to be read in a really over the top dramatic way. Otherwise I seem like an overly enthusiastic hippy who uses her blog to detox herself.

That is partially true. Possibly.

That's all folks for today's episode of crazy. I shall be back soon. With a more normal persona. I think we are all allowed one crazy post. And that is it. Wahay for using up my lifeline. Time to go see if there is any leftover dinner...
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Wrote three years ago
Fantastic styling,it all looks so good together♥

Wrote three years ago
Charming outfit and i see and gorgeous bag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wrote three years ago
whoa omg this was 20 days ago? i totally read this a while ago but never got around to commenting on it. sorry :( but yes good question... i wonder, too. and whoa just realized you can now like comments! #revolutionary. and dang i wish i couldve watched star trek in theaters but ah well ill just wait for it to come out on dvd. and haha see i did read this bc thats the plane bathroom thing i was referencing to in my comment in your other set and i was a bit confused bc i thought you had talked more about it but couldnt find it in that description and was wondering if i had made things up but now its all good. haha yeah. anyway. amazing set! cool striped shirt!

Wrote three years ago
congrats dear:) xx



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•CHICFEM• Fashion lovers

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