Top Set for 16th September
3 Top Sets in a row bit.ly/O1g1xf :DDDDD

I have been so MIA, its crazy and I have loads to catch up on and to talk about, but first,

ASDFGHJKL 3K FOLLOWERS THIS IS THE CRAZIEST THING OMG LIKE I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW CRAZY THIS IS AND I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU AND Y'ALL ARE TOTALLY AWESOME and I'm just gonna calm down. I never really get into numbers like follower count or set likes or anything, but when this popped up in activity I was just like woah and then I tried to visualise 3000 people and I couldn't so then I Googled it and eventually came to the conclusion that 3000 people is a lot of people. And I feel like I should do something crazy like tag all 3K followers but that is a stupid idea so instead just imagine I tagged you in here ok. You guys are super awesome :D

Actually I wiill tag one person which is @tell-me-more because dude I am sprry for having neglected you my weird internet creep and I'm still tryna get back on my promise... also thanks for the EPIC birthday sets and that totally awesome set which still makes me laugh out loud. Like honestly. It's gonna be my pick me up from now on :D

Also this set was my slightly failed, slightly okish attempt at a minimal layout. I'm not really sure how well it turned out but whatever.

I have honestly been so so busy this past week and have had no time for poly which is sad :( School started last Wednesday and it was horrifying head achey because I've spent the summer doing absolutely nothing and then all of a sudden school and books and uniforms and walking up 4 flights of stairs and HOMEWORK. I AM DROWNING IN HOMEWORK :O The amount of textiles coursework I am neglecting to blog right now is huge and stupid but I'm trying not to think about it. It's just like I will do literally ANYTHING to avoid doing my work, first is a trip to the kitchen, then I set down, then it's back to the kitchen, I'll walk around the house a couple of times, go text some people, sit down, open a word document, stare at the wall for a while, stare out the window, read a book, write 3 words, and then give up and go on Polyvore. This is my life. 

My friend got married so the weekend was crazy and full of staying up till 2am every night and wearing 4 inch heels and just crazy stuff that means I am currently running on reserve battery power.

But enough about me, DON'T THE PICTURES OF THE POLY MEETUP LOOK LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!! Like asdfg it looks great and the bags they got are awesome and @ashley-rebecca looked awesome and has the cutest dimples and I hovered over the pic and it was like the little hand on the mouse was tickling her cheeks and this sounds really weird so I will just be quiet. Hope you had an awesome time Ashley!!!! Also, @emyemoemu has the absolute cutest smile :D You looked awesome yo :D

Oh, my awesome blog readers, I need your help!! Basically, I finally realised that I should make a tag. Because reasons. So I have made a tag with the coolest name which is a secret for now and it is awesome and so far I have... 2 questions. *awkward silence* I keep thinking up cool questions and then I think I should write that down AND THEN I FORGET D': But anyways, if y'all have any cool questions, leave em below please. Or PM me. And just a note, they are weird questions. Not like the normal fave cat, dog, horse etc but like interesting questions. THIS IS ME TRYING NOT TO GIVE ANYTHING AWAY OKAY, I'M SORRY, BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH.

You know, I've missed poly a lot, like it's been A WHOLE FIFTEEN DAYS SINCE I LAST BLOGGED :O It feels awesome to hear the clickity clack of my keyboard again :D And in my absence, summer has gone and it's officially Autumn and I actually acnnot wait to use all the awesome jumpers I have saved in my poly closet. And they are all black and brown and navy and grey which I just love to wear. Aaaaaaaaaaah I need to go shopping and make lots of sets but no time :(

I think it's time for some links don't you. I present to you, my pre-homeowrk snack time links ;D

http://bit.ly/PSoXbQ How do you even do this? Like her legs are almost at perfect right angles. I tried doing it and fell over. I want to be able to do this ok. Someone teach me.
http://bit.ly/QupJw6 This painting all of a sudden seems pretty freakin awesome, I mean look at that depth *looks at depth like she knows what she is talking about*
http://bit.ly/UkXpNh that is London in the 50's and doesn't it look awesome!!
http://bit.ly/QfncUr This is from one of my favourite webcomic artists and you should really check them out except for some reason their website seems to have crashed...
http://bit.ly/PjkpMg :D

I can actually hear my homework calling to me. Or I can smell food. I don't know but something is beckoning me downstairs and I must go. I promise to catch up on all your sets and PMs really soon. Bye you fashionable internet people.

OH MY GOD DID ANYONE SEE DOCTOR WHO. THAT WAS WHAT I WANTED TO BLOG ABOUT. THE FIRST EP WAS SO SAD WHEN OSWIN TURNED INTO A DALEK AND SHE WAS SO COOL AND FUNNY AND AWESOME AND YES THIS IS INCREDIBLY CLEVER http://bit.ly/NkW88G THEN THE SECOND EP WAS EVEN COOLER BECAUSE DINOSAURS. I will repeat it again, DINOSAURS. DINOSAURS ON A SPACESHIP. Asdfghjkl. I love dinos. So much. My friend has this recipe book and she found a recipe for dinosaur cookies and she photocopied it for me and bought me a dinosaur cookie cutter and I died because it's just awesome. I once made a website about dinosaurs in IT class and I have no idea what happened to that... 

Geography field trip tomorrow which isn't very exciting. Collecting data for our coursework. My brain is cutting off blood flow to my fingers to make me stop and go and eat whatever smells so nice. It may be chips. Or fries. Whatever you call them. Food basically.

In a while,
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Wrote 4 years ago
Simple and so lovely!

Wrote 4 years ago
wowoww, I superlove this set! Such a simply yet interesting feel to it! LOVE! xx

Wrote 4 years ago
THANK YOU @rachel-is-epic @sharmarie @hleyliy @emnfashionandphotography

Wrote 4 years ago
this is so simple and so amazing :) http://emnfashionandphotography.blogspot.co.uk/



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Polyvore FUN™

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You are FIERCE!

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“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.” Coco Chanel

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Café de Fashion

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EVERYTHING - YOU VOTE (art, fashion and Interior)

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