In chem class today we discovered that I can do a pretty awesome Texan Redneck accent. The gun control discussion we had after that was made all the better with my mockery ;)

Hi guys, it's Friday and this is how I felt waking up this morning bit.ly/112dUVJ :D But seriously, never have I seen such a joyous day as today (that sounds like something out of the bible...) because you know what happened today, I FREAKING FINISHED MY TEXTILES PROJECT AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. THIS IS BEYOND EXCITING. My door stop is complete. Done. Fini. Fertig. Terminado. FINISHED. I started this waaay back in June last year (obvs it didn't take /that/ long, we did have summer break etc in between) and gosh, the relief I feel that it is finally over. I would say that you guys don't understand how happy I feel, but you probably do, because I have consistently ranted and raged about my work on here so often, whether it be in pm's or comments or blogs, I've been letting out my steam here ahhaa. So I guess thanks to you guys for putting up with my 'I hate textiles' phase, especially you @tell-me-more. Seriously Abi, the amount of raging I have sent to you, I apologise ahahaha. I guess I should show you pics therefore so here you go bit.ly/UKKiXX (see the picture caption for more detail if you're interested). Oh and in all that time, I still haven't worked out if doorstop is one word or two.

Since my exams are over and I've been experiencing this foreign thing called free time and during this new found free time, I managed to finish LoTR :D Although, I've only finished story mode, I've still got half the game to go through in free play. I love that in games, you think you've finished, but wait, there's more ahaha. Love hidden surprises. But you know the best thing about this game, the fact that they use actual movie lines. Like they use the lines from the movie in the voices of all the actors so I'm playing and then Aragorn will give his speech and Gandalf is all like 'run you fools' and Legolas and Gimli argue about who has killed more orcs and I realise that LoTR is actually my most favourite movie series EVER. Like just wow, I'm so excited for Le Hobbit part 2 and there are all these little snapshots of them filming it and suffer a little heart attack inside every time, especially when Fili and Kili do their stupid goofy smiles ahaha. But the book, and the end, just :(

We got our school reports yesterday and well it was mostly good, except for this one line in my Physics report. My teacher says about how I'm a good student blah blah and then says, and I quote, 'Maleeha has a slightly aggressive attitude in class'. Lolwut. Lolwuuuuut. Ahahha, that is the most appropriate use of that word, because seriously, that comment was so out of the blue. I'm not denying that I'm aggressive, it's a word frequently used to describe me, but I don't understand how he came to that conclusion from my behaviour in class. Idk, maybe I don't realise it, but I sit at the back of the class growling. He said maybe I should try to smile more, y'all watch me sit there in class with a huge plastic grin on my face all the time. Teachers at my school are so bi-polar, I've been told I glare at the teacher and it makes her feel uncomfortable and then I'm later told to stop smiling so much and now this? I give up.

Right, so in accordance with my 43 Things, I've started to read manga and more specifically I've started to read Death Note and IT IS THE BEST FREAKING THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME (after finishing my textiles) LIKE I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SOMETHING COULD BE THIS GOOD. The plot is just so good. There's so much action and I love how it's very unpredictable and despite how much I think I know what's going to happen next, the writers are too good. And this is the first manga I'm reading so it was slightly confusing at first reading right to left instead of left to right, but you get the hang of it quite quickly. I would've thought reading manga was weird but the illustrations are drawn so well and the book is quite fast paced that I can literally imagine the pictures in my head moving like the tv show. I don't know how to explain it, but it's literally like watching a cartoon, but in a book. And the characters, oh, the characters. I think Light is pretty cool, I mean he is evil and all and slightly annoying, but he's got the whole 'school boy by day/evil genius by night' thing going pretty well. I liked L a lot more (... I've had a deja vu of this moment, this is so weird) when we couldn't see his face, like w ejust got snapshots from the back etc. He seemed a lot more elusive then, and now he just doesn't seem as cool. The mind games between L and Light remind me a lot of Patrick and Red John in The Mentalist... Oh and Matsuda is the most adorable thing ever, he's so cute and everyone is so mean to him it's just like aaawww. He is always shouting out wrong answers and he was so adorable as Misa-Misa's manager :3 But seriously, this plot is so intense and I'm on book 6 of 13 and I actually cannot put the books down, I'm reading them secretly in all my classes and every spare minute and I cannot get through them fast enough, the plot twists, the action, everything makes them so good and I love them. I just absolutely love them. This is for you @robot-in-a-box because yesterday's Death Note fangirling was awesome ;DDD

And there you go, coherent fangirling, I /can/ do it.

This is the first super long blog in a while and in the usual, but recently forgotten tradition, I'll leave you with my lunchtime links (technically it is lunch time somewhere in the world right now...)

1. bit.ly/11fT0wG - This short from Disney is the cutest thing andI love the animations :')
2. bit.ly/TcyaiS - Google Maps found some pictures of the set of the 2nd Hunger Games movie and this is EXACTLY how I imagined the arena. Aaah so so excited for this movie!!!
3. bit.ly/14vyeN0 - So confused right now...
4. (Can't find the link anymore) - Cartoon Network cancelled Young Justice and instead are bringing back The Powerpuff Girls, I'm not sure I like that, especially their new look... although, this is the perfect depiction of me bit.ly/U9Trvd

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy my pizza and sleep. Night guys :D
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