Top Set for January 24th 2013... what can I say? 
THAAANK YOU!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

ASDFGHJKL; THERE IS LIKE A BLIZZARD OUTSIDE SO SCHOOL WAS CLOSED EARLY AND WE HAD TO WALK BACK HOME AND IT TOOK 40 MINUTES AND ME AND MY SISTER NOW LOOK LIKE SNOWMEN D: Literally I could not see where I was going because it was just totally white and then I fell face flat half way through but luckily the snow cushioned my landing and I didn't get hurt at all but then AS SOON as we got home I slipped and waked my face RIGHT into the corner of the wall :'( It still hurts and gaah I can feel my feet and hands again but they're so sore I wish they were still numb... How's the weather for you guys?
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