Top Sets for January 19th :D

My dad will be very happy that I finally posted a set. Every time he uses the computer and sees Polyvore as one of the top sites he complains because he is getting tired of seeing 'that goofy girl with the curly hair' ahahha. Not sure how much he will like the change to Olivia Palermo...

Before anything, I want to mention some crazy activity I've had lately. We officially hit 5K followers which I want to thank all of you for, but what surprises me even more, is that my last set polyv.re/VXD68Q has 98K views which is loads and I cannot fully comprehend that. Also, the other day, we had 61K views in a day which is crazy and I have no idea what's going on. All I know, is I now feel super self concious because somebody is watching me o.O I HAVE BEEN NOTICED :O

I know I still have those tags outstanding and I PROMISE I will get to them soon, probably sometime during this week, but first, ima do something else that I promised @patpatkay I would do. She asked me to make an account on 43things.com where you list 43 goals you want to achieve, but rather than writing them all down there, I'm going to make a blog post about it. If you want to see Pat's set about her 43 things, here you go polyv.re/VE6NhX This reminds me of this book I once read called 'The To Do list' by Mike Gayle (it was actually a really enjoyable read) where he attempted to cross off 1277 items from his to-do list. I'm not going to come up with that many, but I hope to achieve my 43 by the end of the year. These aren't New Year's Resolutions where I try to achieve major stuff and change myself by the end of the year but rather these are more ordinary type things that I want to have achieved that will result in some sort of personal satisfaction.

Now, to see if I can come up with 43 things whilst not making this into a horrendously long blog post to read...

1. Learn to do the splits - I wanted to start off with something real inspirational but this is the best I could come up with. I'd say I'm pretty flexible and decent at gymnastics, but I have never done the splits. This is the year that that will change...?

2. Become a Sudoku Master - Remember like 3 months ago I became stuck on that Fiendish Sudoku, well I completed it exactly 2 months after I started it and then went onto the next one and became stuck again. But I'm going to persevere and complete all the Fiendish Sudoku in my book and get the next book in the series which has Fiendish AND Super Fiendish.

3. Read more interesting news articles - I would say I'm a pretty avid watcher of the news but I want to read more articles and opinion articles about current events so I can 'widen my perspectives'. If anyone has any suggestions for any good new websites or something, feel free to comment below, or well not really below and more but to the side. Also, I like this one because it kills 2 birds with 1 stone which you will realise in goal #4...

4. Have more interesting conversations - Although fangirling convos with @robot-in-a-box are the best, I would like to think that I can be one of those people who knows lots of random things that can lead to awesome conversations. How am I going to do this? Well, refer back to point #3 ;)

5. Learn more about cars - In preparation for that far-off time when I own a Lamborghini and am cruising down the motorway and realise something is wrong with the car. Then, I will pull up to the side and instead of being a damsel-in-distress waiting for some Ryan Gosling to come over and help me, I will be Megan Fox and fix the car myself while Mr. Gosling looks on all dumbfounded like and I ride off into the sunset and leave him behind. Hell yeah for self-sufficiency.

6. Learn how to cook - At least one type of curry and roti so when aunties ask me what I can cook, I can say something other than pizza. Personally, I think being able to make a pizza from scratch is pretty impressive, but apparently not...

7. Learn to be concise

8. Eat 5 fruits or veg a day - I think on average, I have about 4 of my 5 a day but I want to get the full 5 a day, every day. Also, the other day, I ate a pear for the first time in my life which is super crazy but I OFFICIALLY LOVE PEARS.

9. Drink more water

10. Stop procrastinating - Right, ok, I know everybody says this and it's practically unachievable but I have a way. I am going to constantly have a running to-do list of all the things that need to be done. I tried this over the Christmas break and it actually worked. I was more productive than usual which is awesome because now I don't have all those things looming over me. When I have those spare moments that get wasted, instead, I can cross off the little things that I need to do.

11. Don't get my hopes up - I'm not going to explain this one, but I have my reasons for doing so.

12. Don't leave homework to the last minute - This is going to become a lot easier now that almost all my coursework is over woop. I hope to get everything done on the weekdays so I can have the weekends to rest rather than Sunday nights being spent frantically typing up analysis of rabbits and the fatta the lan. Also, random thought, what is the plural of analysis?

13. Read more literature - As in classic literature. I kinda stick to my comfort zone of zombies and dystopian realities, but I want to read more stuff that is considered to be 'literary works of art'. And it makes me happy that in Eng Lit, we are currently studying Animal Farm which is ONE OF MY MOST FAVOURITE BOOKS EVER :D

14. Learn to fangirl properly - Mainly being able to make coherent sentences explaining what's so awesome about xyz rather than 'ASDFGHJKLOMGILOOOOOVEITOMGOMGOMG'

15. Become a better public speaker - I guess my fate will be decided on this one on Thursday because I got into the public speaking team and my speech is on Thursday AND NOW I'M WORRIED. I don't move my hands or walk around or any of that. It's supposed to come naturally, but for me, what comes naturally is sitting on the floor and telling stupid jokes in between bites of food. Le sigh. Wish me luck yo.

16. Stop relying on my brother - Again with the self sufficiency thing. I need to learn to do certain things myself so come next year when my brother is gone, I won't be totally lost.

17. Stop taking such long, hot showers - I love my long hot showers but I waste so much time in there, plus all that hot water dehydrates your skin. Welp.

18. Think before I speak - I'm just going to admit this now, this isn't going to ever happen. Ever. Trust me, I've tried.

19. Keep up a good skin care regime - I don't spend much on all those fancy scrubs and masks and whatnot but I do like making my natural remedies. Honey with sugar is a really awesome exfoliator and oatmeal makes a good facial wash too. So my aim is to spend more time on my skin and keep a regularly regime rather than having a good cleanse once every whenever I remember. Don't worry, I'm not a slob, I do cleanse my face twice a day, but apart from that, I don't do much else. Do you guys have any tips?

20. Draw more - I love to draw but can never find the time for it, except for random passing doodles. I want to spend more time drawing and hopefully in the process get better too.

21. Make a .gif - I've actually made one before but it was just a crappy one I did on paint. Hopefully, once I start to draw more, this goal will be pretty easy.

22. Make a stop motion video - Basically like an extended version of a .gif. Once again, I've already made a video for my geography homework. I was actually quite proud of it and would love to share with you except I have kinda lost the file... time to go dig it out of one of the many hard drives...

23. Be a better Muslim - I practice my religion a lot, but not as much as I could be doing. My goal is to understand more of the quran and read the stories of the prophets. Oh and learn something from all of it as well.

24. Widen my music selection. Pre-polyvore and tumblr my music choice was absolutely crap and because of you awesome people, I have discovered lots of awesome bands and 2CELLO WHO I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH ZOMG. So I guess I want to basically discover more awesome musicians. Help me out by recommending below?

25. Make a clever/witty comment on Reddit - I'm on Reddit quite a bit, but I just lurk. By the end of the year, I must have at least commented once and the comment has to have more than 10 upvotes. Making an account might be a good start...

This is getting really long (as well as the fact that I am running out of ideas) so this is all for now, but I'm going to carry on with the 18 other things in my next set polyv.re/X1SZtF. This isn't probably the blog post you were expecting, if you expect anything at all, but this is more for me to keep track of what I want to do. This is the first time I've ever done this sort of thing, so here's to hoping it works. And if you somehow feel inspired by my striving to become more productive and achieve things, feel free to sign up to the website or make a post or something, I don't know. If you do, it would be nice if you tagged me or commented so that I can see what you guys want to do and hopefully encourage you :D

Hope y'all enjoyed your weekend, now I'm off to order some study guides :D
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