ARGH TOP SET FOR AUGUST 5TH FREAKIN OUT OVER HERE. Mandatory Johnny picture: wow, a top set AND Murray won the tennis, yup, it's a good day guys :D :D :D :D


It's me again. Me as in Maleeha. Maleeha as in your regular idiot. Your regular idiot as in the girl who bought 8 volumes of the X-Men cartoons to watch over the summer :D But anyway, long time no see huh, or well really it's only been like a week or something but whatever, I am suffering blog withdrawal symptoms.

So like two Thursdays ago, I went to Thorpe Park which is a really cool theme park we have here and it was so much fun and I was gonna blog about it my last set but then I watched TDKR the next day which sorta overruled everything. But anywho, Thrope Park was so much freakin fun. Guys, I SAT ON FREAKIN SAW WHICH WAS THE MOST AWESOME BAD ASS RIDE EVER AND I WANT TO GO ON IT AGAIN OMG IT WAS WOW. Look, look and admire my huge guts: Seriously, that section you go absolutely vertical, like full 90 degrees, actually I think it was more like 89 degrees, but whatever it was so cool. And I admit, I had to close my eyes on the way up, but ONLY because the sun was right in my eyes. And I just know Abi will refuse to believe that, but who cares. I also sat on this random ride that goes backwards in the dark and Nemesis which is quite possibly my favouritest ride in the park. Oh and they have this new ride, the which to be honest was quite boring. But anyways, I am going again in September so YAY :D

OMG. I just realised I have missed Pakistan's hockey match against Spain. I am annoyed. I was looking forward to that. And google isn't even telling me who won -_- Stupid me read the TV guide wrong and I got the times mixed up. Gah. #firstworldproblems

I have neglected my group leader duties lately and this very delayed set is for contest winners from 2 months ago. I'm really sorry guys, I'm trying to catch up on all late sets and all.
A very very late congrats to:
@tell-me-more ANSWER MY FREAKIN PM'S GIRL, also hi nice to have ya back :D
Also, @bailybitch because she is awesome and actually read my long winded announcement :D

Oh and I made a drawstring bag which I am quite proud of :D Ignore the rest of my tumblr for now because it is really annoying me. I'm really picky with what I reblog and stuff and I don't like it. I don't even really know what it is. I don't want to make a fashion blog because I sort of share my sister's one and I don't think the current style I have is working so I am stuck. Meh, I'll figure something out and show you guys round properly later. Le sigh.

I have just finished reading The Time Traveller's Wife which is weird because it took me like a week to read that book whereas I normally finish books within a day or two. I really liked it. The idea was really cool and I didn't really pay attention to the dates at the beginning of the chapters so I kept getting confused about where in the story we were but it was a really good read. It got weird in a few parts, but wow the ending was sad. And towards the end I felt like screaming at Clare and slapping some sense into her. I always do that in books, the characters start to annoy me because they're not doing what I want them to and it's really frustrating. But whatever, go read the book.

Our town is quite close to London so Olympic fever is at a high over here. Can I just say, what the hell was the opening ceremony. I just sat through it like ... are you freakin kidding me?! Like is that it? I think it was terrible. Yeah there were bits that I liked, like the Queen avec James Bond and the giant Voldemort (hell yeah) and Mr Bean but the rest was like wth? I mean that giant creepy baby was really creepy and I didn't get the whole technology part. Like I know it was to honour the inventor of the internet, but don't they realise there is more to the internet than taking pics for fb and adding stupid captions? Gosh, there's my blog for starters. Open your eyes Danny Boyle. And LOL at that random lady who walked in with the Indian team. And I just know some artsy fartsy person like Ashley (:D) will comment below saying it was amazing because you guys appreciate this 'culturalanism', I just sit there waiting for the Queen to shout out 'LET THE 86TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES BEGIN' and run away and lock the door to the arena.

And as always, here are my Lunchtime Links. Except I don't really have a lunchtime due to the fasting and all. Hmm. Here are my IFTAR links :D (Iftar is basically when I get to open my fast. That time when I stuff my mouth like an ugly mug) - Because my Llama links have been lacking. - I'm not a fan of the US Olympics team but this made me laugh - And following on is this. Although I think only @robot-in-a-box will get it... - Ahahhahahha I need to see this movie argh

Aaaaanyways, I'm gonna go and do something, most likely stare at food and feel sorry for myself. Fasting is actually all right, and for some reason the words all right look really wrong to me. I don't know they just don't look... right. I have loooadsa drafts that I just haven't bothered publishing so I will do that soon, meaning more blogging, meaning your lives will be exciting once again. YEAH RIGHT. Ahahahha cya :D
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omg so beautiful

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sooo pretty!

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@anulartdesigne Aww thank you!!
@hortensie Ahahah I follow some of those funny tumblrs which is where I get most of them from. Check out the tastefullyoffensive tumblr, they have some funny stuff :D And aww thank you so much, I really hoped you enjoyed your vacation!!

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Owwww,this set <3



By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

By lusy_lusy (limit; contests)

! WELKOME ! This group is for everyone who loves fashion. I want to see a lot of fresh,
beautiful, original and stylish sets. It is only fashion. Be creative ! Of course I like contests=) I will be happy if you will be a member of my group!

Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.
(Oscar Wilde)

You are FIERCE!

You are FIERCE!

*This group was created on February 2, 2011.
A group for those who believe in their sets and aren't afraid to show their confidence in them! Be bold, be beautiful, be who you are!
Everyone is welcome!
We will have weekly contests, unless otherwise stated.
***** Please no text sets. (Unless you feel really, really confident in them.)



Welcome girls, feel free to join and submit your beautiful sets :) there will be lot of interesting contests + SPONSORS PRIZES so show me what you got ;) xoxo


EVERYTHING - YOU VOTE (art, fashion and Interior)

EVERYTHING - YOU VOTE (art, fashion and Interior)

15,274 sets from 534 members. Ended 4 years ago.
2 weeks, ilimited, as usual 12 winner and 3 trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GUYS!!!!!!!!

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