I just got a little excited when I saw that today's date was the same backwards as it is forwards and then I realised it wasn't and faced bitter disappointment. But anyways,

AHOY THERE EVERYBODY, LOOKS LIKE I FOUND MY INSPIRATION. Lack of inspiration is like my sworn enemy because I sit here like a bubbling cauldron with so much to say and blog about but I can't make a set so it's just asdfg frustrating. And yes, I know you are confused dear blog reader. You are sitting staring at your screen thinking. Hmm. it is Monday. The fact that it is Monday means it is not Friday. Why is Maleeha blogging on a Monday bit.ly/QBVAO6. Hmmmm. Or maybe you're not thinking that because you don't analyse my blogs that deeply. But whatever. Isn't that link so weird. The link is a .jpeg but the image is a .gif. THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES OK. LINKS THAT ARE SUPPOSED TO BE JPEGS BUT ARE ACTUALLY GIFS. WHY MUST LIFE BE SO HARD. Also, um, @thatporcelaindoll, thank you for unbeknowingly inspiring me by your just incredible sets and incredible layouts and I hope you don't mind that I used your layout and just um yeah. Your rock.

And that was a wonderfully placed transition onto my next topic of other awesome people who rock. So, this 'I give thanks to' poly contest is just like the perfect contest and I love the idea and damn, are there loads of you ;D @tell-me-more @lachompi09 @lenasupernatural @patpatkay @ashley-rebecca @de-si-ree @noelleinashell @hortensie @diegolohve @luxecouture @gagarose @rikka-alethea @evanabosh @liv-xoxo @emmylou @istylista @myduza-and-koteczka @frenchkitty @deercat @sa4lyf @dreamer1983 @bittersweet89 @rafidahd and I guess I'll tag you too @robot-in-a-box ;D You guys are just the absolute freaking best. And here is the part where you all notice how crap I am at saying thank you. Uh well, how's about that first of all, I have had the most amazing conversations with you all. You know the whole back and forth commenting and tagging and I love it, because talking to you people is amazing. As well as that, you guys are all pretty much my hard core blog readers (I kinda just did a fist pump while typing that .-.) and I love you for that because I just do. ARGH WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT FOR ME TO FIND THE RIGHT WORDS. I FEEL LIKE I'M GIVING A BEST MAN'S SPEECH. It's so weird right how we were raised being told, don't talk to strangers online, and here I am giving a best man speech to about 20 random online strangers who could be old men, but I have about 99% faith in the fact that you are not (except you Abi) because no old men could be as awesome as you guys. I don't like doing mass tags as I prefer to make individual sets for you all, but that takes a while so this is a nice opportunity to tell you that guys I love you? Ignore the question mark. I'm not really an 'I love you' person so this is weird so I put the question mark there to pretend that I don't. But I do secretly. I shall just shut up now.

Just a tip, if any of you invite me to your weddings, leave me at the food table and don't ask me to give a speech. For obvious reasons.

OH GOD I HAS THE MOST CRAZY COOL INCEPTION DREAM LAST NIGHT. ASDFGHJKL. I had two dreams within my normal dream meaning I had 3 dreams and they all sort of merged together and became like different layers and asdf it was freaking awesome. I will try my best to explain although there is a very high chance that I may just sound high which I promise you very much that I am not. Unless you can get high on dates which I very much am because dates are so freaking tasty and I eat way too many. Ok, in le dream, it started off as Eid and my mum was ironing name labels onto pillow cases. And then I was waiting to get ready and one of my friends turned up in my living room randomly and someone had dropped a bunch of grapes except the grapes fell onto the ceiling. And then there was like this army of spiders who were stealing the grapes from the roof and taking them to this nest. It was also Christmas and Valentines Day and we were in Macy's which I have never even been to and @mariakhan-93 (dude wth) lost her trousers and still had the tags on her clothes. And I'm just gonna skip through a lot of it, but our car was stolen so we went on some random goose chase on the motorway trying to get our car back and then we went into like another layer if the dream and the spider nest was there and Fareeha was about to kill the spider nest and then she turned into Abbey Lee Kershaw and we were in the Diet coke advert and she killed the spider and you know what, ima just be quiet because this makes me sound like a right retard. But seriously I hope I have this dream again tonight because it was wow.

This is what happens when I don't blog on a Friday.

Le internship was tiring and my feet ached all week. I was working from 9-6 which is crazy hours because I normally get back home at 3pm so 6pm was crazy. Here are le highlights :D
I learnt how to make tea. Ok basically the receptionist lady who was in charge of telling us what to do really didn't like me blah blah and she tells me that the manager's friend just came and he is like a VIP and I have to go make him tea. Like an idiot I say ok. So I go into the kitchen and stand there and just freak out because I. Don't. Know. How. To. Make. Tea. My mum drinks chai which is a different type of tea and I hate tea so I have no reason to learn how to make tea. So I stand there pretending to know what I'm doing and then I get one of the really nice nurses to help me and omg guys tea is so easy to make wth. And then I was about to go and give the tea when I realised my mum would be ashamed if I gave tea like this to guests so I decided to arrange biscuits on a plate nicely and I went to go give it AND THE NURSE SAID, I QUOTE, 'THAT'S A VERY NICE TOUCH' AND NOW SHE OFFICIALLY LIKED ME. She also said that there was no need for the biscuits because the manager has nicer one in his office, but we can just ignore that bit. So yeah, that was eventful.
I was told that I clean too thoroughly. Face. Palm. I'm kinda a neat freak right and at home I always do the vacuum and like take pride in my effort right. So at the end of the day, we had to help the nurses clear up and I chose to do the vacuum. I have like an eye for detail so I spotted all these little nooks and crannies where the nurses don't think to hoover so I get the nozel things and actually get down and properly clean. The next day, the nurse comes up to me and says your attention to detail is commendable but you don't need to clean that thoroughly. And I justt stood there like ohmygodwomanareyououtofyourmindIamdoingyoua/favour/yoursurgeryissodustywhatareyouthinkingomg and from then on I put no effort into my cleaning because that is what she wanted. Ha. Oh, look, I conveniently found the perfect gif to show exactly how I felt bit.ly/TF9hcb.
I sorted out patients notes blah blah and realise that seeing as this is my usual dentist, my notes would be here too so I secretly went and found my patient notes and read them and that was stupid because I don't understand dental language and also what was I even going to achieve by reading my records?
I found out that the dentists only work 3 days a freaking week. Three. Days. A. Week. And then I just made my decision there and then that I am becoming a dentist. and know I dream of a 4 day weekend.
I helped the nurse make these dental rolls and I swear it's like rolling a joint... not that I know what rolling a joint is like. Please no one make the connection between my drug training and the crazy dream.
The radio station they had on was total rubbish but then they played Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and The Wanted all in a row and I was like omg how do you jam and look professional at the same time asdfg. Oh and then they put on Miley Cyrus and I lost all faith.
Oh and then this company came for this lunch and learn session and bought us all lunch INCLUDING KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS and everyone took sandwiches and rolls and so did I, but the doughnuts were calling to me and I spent the entire lunch waiting for someone to go and take the first doughnut so then I could follow but then I was like oh wth and just went and grabbed the best doughnut because I could. Highlight. Of. The. Week.

I really don't have much else to say except that I'm super worried that I forgot to mention someone in the tag above. Guys I appreciate ALL my followers so thank you everyone and if I forgot you, it's not because you're not awesome, but rather I'm hyper and not thinking straight and I spent the whole weekend writing a 3000 word essay about The American Dream despite the American Dream being anything but a lie. Ugh, am not even going to bother ranting.

Also, dear polyvore, what is going on. Sometimes I see the word Trending at the link at the top of the page. Sometimes I see another word which I can't even remember right now. Please make your mind up. Sincerely, I am hella confused.

My annoying cousin officially declared via text that I have ADHD so see y'all at Camp Half Blood.
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Wrote three years ago
I love this outfit!!
Check out my sets ;)

Wrote 4 years ago
I adore this schoolgirl look, so cute! Lovely pics! I love that Acne cardigan <3 isn't everything by Acne so Amazing?!

Wrote 4 years ago
@hijabikebabi Thank you for thinking of me ! I love your gift ! Beautiful looking set and i thank you again !

Wrote 4 years ago
THANK YOU THANK YOU @abby-rose @rafidahd @olya-volhina @helleka @luxecouture @gothicity @sharmarie @manolitaki @anashe @dreamer1983 @hleyliy @junelaze :DDDDD
@lenasupernatural Lena you are just perfect and I love you ok. And those gifs were hilarious. And I don't have any interesting to reply with :( Ah it's almost Friday :DDDD
@diegolohve I don't think we have ever discussed Percy Jackson but um it's awesome and I love it AND MY LIBRARY STILL HASN'T GOT MARK OF ATHENA ASDFGHJKL. Ahahahhahahha h-e-double hockey sticks, that made me laugh :D I guess dentist school does seem kinda boring but then again, I'm kinda boring so I guess it shall work out :D High five for liking inception :D Also, I don't think ANYONE knows as much as about British boybands as you do ;D And ah I'm so happy you liked this :D Hope you're having a great week too, or well almost weekend would be more suitable :D
@evanabosh Aaaaaaaaah you're welcome!!!!! Meeting you on here has been awesome and I love our conversations so much that I don't mind the week long absences from both of us ;D Ah it's hilarious how all you poly people think I'd be a good comedian and/or writer when I've always thought I fail at writing ;D High five for not liking Miley and for loving M&S :D Missing you, hope you have a great pre weekend :D x
@sa4lyf I could have sworn I have replied to your comment ages ago but apparently no?! Ahahah you won me over with the food ;D And that gif is just perfect yo :D
Uh that dream sounds uber weird and scary and real because uh it is but asdfghjkl dude maybe you could be like some child prodigy mystical person thing. If that even made sense?!
Yooooo we can be dentists together. Dentist besties 4 eva ahhahahhaa. But asdfghjkl honestly, I'm such a neat freak too, like almost OCD crazy because even if the littlest things is out of line or whatever it will just annoy me till the end of eternity.
Ah loved this comment so much, thank you so much, have a great weekend :D And dw, I never proof read, too much effort ;)
@hortensie um. you. just. made. my. day. omg.
YOU'RE WELCOME OLA :DDDDDDDD Thanks for not believing I'm an old guy, your faith in me is awesome ;)
Ahahha we can all be dentists together, although before the 3 days a week, it's about 5 years of really hard work .-.
Hope you had something real nice to eat and have a good day tomorrow!



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