No ok. Just no. @polyvore please explain to me what you have done to a perfectly ok layout. Because this new layout is horrible. Like insanely, I'm about to cry, horrible. It's so horrible that I even tagged you in this set, normally I just chat rubbish behind your back. But in all seriousness, I hate this layout. Like why would you position my previous sets underneath the current set and put the likes at the top, that's so stupid. I just feel like everything is so backwards and nothing flows. But what I hate the most, oh god, why would you put the description section on the side of the page. THIS MAKES NO SENSE. I guess what you're trying to do is make a more friendly UI but this is so bad. Admittedly, normally you guys make changes and I hate them for about a week and then I just accept them and start to like them, but this is one step too far. Maybe I'm acting a little bit obsessed and stupid, but I write super long blogs. And it is SO difficult to read super long blogs in this new format. I know you're not going to redesign the whole website around what I want, idk if you're even reading this, but this is just the worst thing ever. this reminds me of one episode of The Apprentice when the guy fell so in love with his idea that he could no longer see any of the flaws. I feel like that has happened, because honestly, it is beyond me, how Polyvore could come up with such a backwards retarded design. Hey, does Polyvore even look at sets that they have been tagged in? Maybe it would make more sense to tag @jess. Uh hi Jess, I really hate the new layout. And now I feel bad for slating your idea so I will tell you that I love the iPhone app. That's a lie seeing as I don't even own an iPhone (thank god). Android app coming out any time soon? But honestly, I would forsake an Android app if you could change back the layout. And if you didn't want to do that, I came up with a quick 5 min sketch about what the perfect layout would look like seen here bit.ly/Ug8VZQ.

Rant. Over. Actually, I'm quite pleased that I didn't shout or be rude or anything. Rants are normally just full of shouting and almost swearing.

In other news...

My life is over. No, not because of the new Poly layout. Because of something else. I feel so empty. I don't even know what the weekend is for anymore. I feel like toast without butter. Like Dobby without a sock. Like a calculator without an equals button. Like a Maleeha set without a blog. Like a sweet old lady without her walking stick. I FEEL SO FRIGGIN SAD. do you wanna know why? BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST EVER SEASON OF MERLIN. EVER EVER EVER. #TEARBENDING. I can't even believe this. I saw the article and was just like waaaaaah?!?!?! I like the fact that the show is ending because soon, there will be no more story to tell and the show would just drag on unnecessarily and kill it's reputation. BUT I AM TOO SAD TO THINK RATIONALLY. THEY ARE FINISHING MERLIN WITH ONLY ABOUT 4 MORE EPS AND THEN A 2 PART XMAS SPECIAL. Like what will Saturdays even be for? Saturdays are MADE for being Merlin days. I just can't even. And this poses so many questions. Because this means within the next few episodes, Merlin /has/ to tell Arthur he has magic right? And that will be friggin awesome. And there has to be some big battle between Morgana and Arthur which will be epicoleptico. Plus, Mordred will somehow have to fulfill his destiny by killing Arthur. And obvs Merlin will not allow that to happen and then somewhere there will be a real bad fight between Arthur and Merlin because Arthur finds out Merlin has magic. Plus eventually, I guess Arthur will allow magic to be freely practiced. And for some reason I have a feeling that Gius will die, because that is just what I feel will happen. BUT OMG THIS SI SO MUCH FOR ONLY WHAT 6 EPS OR SOMETHING???!!!! I can't even contain everything. I AM JUST A BIG BALL OF TEENAGE ANGST AND EMOTIONS OK. Plus it reminds me of when Robin Hood ended and that was sad too :(

But it's Friday so I shall be sad another day. Because I HAVE EXCITING NEWS ASDFGHJKL.

Right, so I have known this for about 3-4 months now, but I haven't said anything because then I would get overly excited and when I get real hyped about something, it always ends up disappointing me. But, now, there is only one week left, SO I CAN FINALLY BE EXCITED :DDDDD I guess I should tell you what I'm all excited for. Basically, this time next week, or well in about 6 days and 12 hours time, I SHALL BE AT THE CLOTHES SHOW LIVE. *fangirls* *fangirls some more* *fangirls just a teeny bit more*. Omg ok, so the Clothes Show Live (from here on referred to as CSL hahahha C.S. Lewis) is the biggest fashion show in the UK. It's in Birmingham and we are going as part of a school textiles trip and we wnet two years ago as well and it is just the most amazing thing. There is a huge fashion theatre where we see a fashion show with a proper catwalk and everything and there are bands that perform as well. One year, The Wanted performed there and it just so happened to be my luck that we didn't go that year, we went the year after. But anyway, they have a fashion show with all these amazing creations and blah blah and the rest of the CSL is basically this huge exhibition hall full of stalls. Like just asdfghjkl. They sell clothes and makeup and soaps and just everything that we girls love as well as doing makeovers and hair cuts and just asdfghjk everything is SO cheap compared to normal prices. Like everything is at least 50% off the rrp and omg I'm so excited and argh the shopping will kill me. But basically, I cannot even wait and idk if I shall be able to blog next Friday because I shall be dead from carrying all these bags and being excited and all.

Oh I need your advice guys. So I have wanted these pair of high top wedge trainers from River Island for about 2 months and I am just in love with them. Only problem, they cost about £40 which is roughly $60 which personally i think is a wee bit much. Then yesterday, I decided, enough is enough, I have no patience to wait till Boxing Day sales, i am going to just get them. So I look on the website, AND THEY ARE NOT THERE. And I freak out blah blah but today, my source tells me that they are still in the shop. So now I shall go and get them tomorrow and wear them around and be like ooh look at my feet and wear them to CSL and I love them so much. Except, there is a niggling feeling inside of me that still tells me to wait for the sales. There is a chance that they won't in fact go on sale or when they do, my size is all out of stock, blah blah. So help. Do you think that these bit.ly/QTkrO7 are worth £40. Oh and they have a secret hidden wedge inside so I can pretend I'm awesomely tall. God, I love them. Asdfghjkl.

I also need your help again. 2 years ago, I took part in a public speaking competition. Idk if I told you guys, but basically, in my team of 3, I was the main speaker. I gave up SO much of my time to take part and I wrote a whole 6 minute speech about banning beauty contests and personally, I think it was amazing and I ACTUALLY MANAGED TO TALK ART A REASONABLE SPEED. This is a problem ok, I talk insanely fast and teachers always tell me to slow down whilst doing presentations and I just stare at them like uh wth, I /was/speaking slow. But anyways, so I practiced for about 2 months and then came the day of the competition thing. I performed my speech perfectly and spoke within the very strict 6 minutes time period and blah blah, I didn't come first. Or second. Idk what I came. There were 6 groups and they only announced first and second WHICH IS SO FRIGGIN STUPID. Let's just say I came third ok. And you know why I didn't win. Because of my stupid teacher. This was the first time the teacher had taken part in the contest and she read all the rules and blah but she messed up. There are 3 people in the group and you are supposed to speak in a certain order. We spoke in the order, 1,2,3. We were supposed to speak in the order 1,2,1,3,1. And the guy said that if the group didn't get the format right, they can't win. We didn't get the format right. Oh and to rub more salt in the wound, the other group from our school won. You know why, because we went first and didn't realise we were speaking in the wrong. The other friggin group went last and saw what everyone else was doing and changed theirs at the last minute. I still hold that grudge. That just pisses me off so much!!! But anyways, they are holding the competition again this year, so should i try again or not. I kinda want to. But I am not sure. Argh.

Oh and @patpatkay, this set is for you. I don't need to write anything. Because you know everything I want to say. I missed you dude. A helluva lot. Also, this set is totally inspired by the amazing @hortensie and I tried to do a your type of set, but I failed. But you're still awesome. Love you both.

Also, le model in le set, looks like Cara to be but not like Cara. I feel confused. this is the first set in a while that I really love and didn't get frustrated with. Maybe (?) I'm getting my mojo back?! MOJOJOJO ahhahahahha.

Thank God Movember is almost over, all the teachers at our school have been attempting to keep moustaches and beards and I swear our school needs to be renamed to The Institute of Creepy Men because seriously, all the teachers look freaking creepy.

This is getting really long and I realise how hard it must be with this cursed new layout. Le sigh.

Oh before I go, Supersized Earth is one of the coolest documentaries ever. this guy talks about the Earth and humans on the Earth and stuff and I can't explain but this is one of my favourite topics ever. I can't get the right word, but I love the stuff he is talking about. Bloody hell, THIS STUFF INTERESTS ME. I guess that should make sense ahhaha. Basically, it's a 3 part documentary on the BBC and i love it to bits because it is so interesting and this is the sort of stuff that makes me want to be a journalist and explore the world. But ten again I suck at writing seriously. Although lately, I have gotten, a ton of comments saying I write amazingly and should be a journalist. You guys are off your rockers but I love you :D Seriously, those comments make my day. Oh here is the link if you want to see the documentary bbc.in/UFjvb7 and it's so awesome.

I'm off adventuring the things that lay awake on Friday night waiting to be adventured. Bye guys :D
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