Top Sets for 19th December 2012 :DDDDD Maybe, maaaaaybe, I'm getting my mojojojo back :D :D :D

Right, so half of this blog was written yesterday and then I fell asleep half way through and the rest was written today so it's kinda confusing but


OMG look at the date. LOOK AT IT. How cool is that. No matter where you are in the world, today is 12.12.12 that, is pretty freaking awesome. Hmm I wonder if a thousand years from now, a great great greeeeeeeat granddaughter of mine will be blogging about the same awesome date on some very upgraded version of polyvore that actually has a decent layout. /That/ would be pretty freaking awesome.

BUT OMG I WOKE UP THIS MORNING AND THERE WAS SNOW. SNOW. EVERYWHERE. OMG. I went back to sleep after that and dreamed that school was cancelled because of the snow and was then rudely awakened being told to hurry up because school wasn't actually closed. But asdfghjkl it's so pretty and awesome!!! The snow is like really fine and it's like the clouds were baking over night and dropped a whole load of icing sugar everywhere. And that folks, is the best simile I have ever come up with. The trees in the garden are bare but the thin little twigs are covered in snow and it actually looks like those postcard pictures. Oh and even the spider webs are crystallised in snow :D


It's tomorrow yo.

Right, let's tie up some loose ends here. The Clothes Show was freaking awesome and just watch me try and fail to explain. Right so I guess we should start with the actual show. The presenters were some random lady who was wearing this stupid ugly hat and Henry Holland who is some designer or something. Oh and we got pretty good seats that were quite close to the stage. But anyway, so they were like talking and trying to be funny and personally, they had no chemistry and it was all very forced.
Then there was a performance from some band TRED who were like X Factor rejects or something, idk I don't watch it. But yeah, they performed and they weren't amazing but they acted like they were and their song was rubbish, they just kept repeating the same 4 words again and again and again. So they left and then the actual show started.
AAAAH so ok, the first person to walk on to the stage is a model and she is supposed to be dressed up as someone, but no one knew who she was. And I was just like, please, allow me, that is supposed to be Anna Wintour, chief editor of Vogue, revel in my fashion knowledge and thank me'. But here she is, or well here is a model pretending to be her and then the whole first scene was Anna Wintour in the office and people running around her.
I'm not explaining this well, but the whole show was based around a day in her life. So first we had her in the office. After that, there was like a city scape and we saw this girl running around in heels and this amazing trench coat carrying D&G bags and they had like city outfits etc.
The next bit scene was the model casting which was, hmm, let's say, interesting.
After that they had some dance routines etc and I can't really remember much.
Then was a photo shoot in Brazil which was all bright lights and feathers and colourful flags.
Next, was London Fashion Week and Daisy Lowe was there and she walked down the runway wearing this and I loved the skirt.
After that was a photo shoot in Sicily which was awesome because it was all black and white and there were some gorgeous dresses sorry for the not so great pictures but the dresses were amazing. This was one of my favourite outfits
The penultimate scene was the London Fashion Awards and it was like all the models were arriving down the red carpet and they had like the people who check invitation etc. The dress in the very top photo was probably my favourite. Although I think it was a blouse and a skirt, but whatever.
And finally, it was the after party and everybody was dancing to Party Rock and then on came a guy in a blue suit and everyone went crazy because blue suits mean only one thing, GANGNAM STYLE. So yeah there was a lot of dancing and then it finished.
Ah honestly, the show was amazing and the lighting was pretty cool and the music was so loud. At one point during the show, the music went really quite and everybody stopped wooing and were just like silent and in awe and for real, I thought I had gone deaf in one ear. Turns out, I'm not deaf, woohoo.

Right so that was the show. The shopping was awesome. I would love to say I spent loads and loads but uh, I spent £8.50. I KNOW OK, I KNOW. Idk why I didn't do a lot of shopping, the stuff was cool but I didn't see anything that I like REALLY wanted if you get me. I did but some stuff though. I bought a Cosmopolitan magazine that came with a Company magazine and a whole LOAD of awesome stuff all for £3 That's such a bargain because the magazines alone are £3 each and the OPI nail polish is worth £10 so I'm happy with that :D Also, yeah the cover is ripped off, it had the Kardashian Klan on it and ugh I didn't want to see their faces so I chucked that in the bin. I also bought 2 Elle magazines for £3 which came with a Gemma Kid eye pencil and St Tropez tanning lotion which I really cannot seeing me use seeing as I'm already brown?! You can see all the pictures at as well as some more pics of the show :D

Oh and there were like smaller catwalks going on around the place including a Diet Coke Catwalk. These were smaller so we got to sit right at the front and then all the models from this years Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model modelled high street outfits which were really awesome and now I need to go shopping in Warehouse because they had some awesome stuff. There was also a catwalk where we saw creations from university students which were cool and there was one that looked like a death eater cloak and one cloak that was SO perfect for Morgana. Me and my friend both turned to each other and whispered Morgana at the exact same time ahhaha.


Also, I went to buy the pair of high top wedges and they were gone. Poof. Never to be seen again because it is the end of the season and that saddened me deeply.

OH AND LOOK AT THIS SET. Because for the first time in a long while, I actually like this set and it didn't take a stupid amount of time to make and that maroon/oxblood skirt is perfect and asdfghjkl I like this set :D

Almost forgot to mention (I did forget, I'm adding this later ;) ) we officially have 1million set views which is awesome because uh that is huge and whatever. Also, we are 3 followers away from 4.5K followers which is also pretty awesome.

The coolest thing happened to me in maths class yesterday. I filled up my old book so I asked the teacher for a new book. She gave me the book, and I wrote my name and class and blah and then I opened the book and BAM instead of there being pages, there was another front cover. It was a book inside a book... BOOKCEPTION :D So yeah, having 2 front covers on my book was the highlight of my maths lesson.

Right, I am off, I have got tickets to go see Le Hobbit tonight and I'm so excited :D So expect some serious fangirling come my next blog.

Oh and I promise to check out all your sets and judge contests and do tags and all that soon, honestly, Polyvore time is so restricted because of exams, but only a couple left :D Hope you have an AWESOME Friday and rest of the weekend and ok gotta go!
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