Omg. Just the feeling of my fingers dancing across the keyboard typing up something OTHER than essays is the best feeling I've had in a while. Asdfghjk it's been 11 days since I last blogged which may not seem like much but SO much has been floating around in my head and I've wanted to blog so so many times but I actually have had zero inspiration. I don't think any of you will fully understand just how difficult making a set for me has been lately. Like this is literally me in front of the computer bit.ly/U2r4u0 BUT TODAY IS FRIDAY AND I FORCED MYSELF TO MAKE A SET AND I PERSEVERED AND I'M ACTUALLY QUITE PLEASED WITH THIS BUT WHO CARES BECAUSE I CAN BLOG ASDFGHJKL. Oh I've missed you annoying little description box. Come here bit.ly/Wmjha6

Ah this is exciting, but before I start rambling, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @are-you-with-me :DDDD Um, I would love to say loads, but I'm not the best when it comes to birthday messages so short and sweet is the way to go! You are just such a huge inspiration and have the most amazing poly wardrobe! You're always one of the first to like and comment on my sets and every time I see that little ice cream icon it makes me smile :D Thank you for being so awesome, and I wish you the best for the coming year and hope it brings you wonderful surprises :D

Guys, guess what just arrived in the post this morning. MY PRE-ORDERED COPY OF LEGO LOTR AND @tell-me-more YOU SHOULD BE JEALOUS BECAUSE IT'S AMAZING. I haven't actually started playing it yet, but I'm pretty sure it'd going to be amazing ;) And it came with a Elrond mini figure and everything and this is such bad timing because I have a French Oral Exam on Monday and I was supposed to be revising over the weekend. Le sigh.

Over the past two weeks, I have been training myself to no longer feel pain. Because I remember reading that pain isn't actually real, it's just imaginary and in your head and you can teach yourself to no longer feel pain so that is what I am doing. This is the first step of my spiritual journey to becoming Batman. So far, the training is going ok, I managed to convince myself during Physics that I don not have stomach cramps. I also convinced myself to take an ice cold shower during the middle of November which almost freezing temperatures. I may possibly have pneumonia. OMG I JUST SPELT PNEUMONIA RIGHT WITHOUT SPELLCHECK. ACHIEVEMENT.

Last weekend, the rugby was on and I love watching sport so that was how I spent my weekend. But that's not the good part. The good part is that during the rugby, I had an epiphany and realised that rugby, is really just a bunch of men sticking their heads up each others asses. Not even joking, but this is literally all that happens. It's funny because rugby is the most manly sport and unmanly sport at the same time. I mean the guys have like huge ass muscles and necks that are basically tree trunks covered in skin. And the beards, oh damn, those Scottish men have some manly Viking beards. But then they charge and each other and roll around on the floor for five minutes fighting over a ball. This one guy kept getting penalties because when they were in the scrum, he kept pulling the other guys shorts down. SEE, PROOF RIGHT THERE. But then again, what does that say about me, a girl who is spending her weekend, essentially cheering on ass grabbers? .-.

I legit think my English teacher is crazy. Like actually loose nuts and bolts crazy. First of all the guy has the heaviest Australian accent and I cannot understand what he is saying. But here is the crazy part ok. We were given a essay to do and when he marked it, he gave me a B. and next to each point I had made, he had told me I need to develop the points I am putting across. Because I only got a B, he made me redo the essay and because I'm a lazy git, I couldn't be bothered to redo it, so I only added in one or two lines, but mostly left it untouched. This time, I get back the essay with an A and excellent written next to everything. literally, every paragraph, he has written excellent, excellent, excellent. Somebody care to explain? So now I'm confused as hell because how did that essay change so much, unless he is basing it on the quality of the paper or the font or something stupid like that.

you know how you can have songs stuck in your head, do you guys ever have words or names stuck in your head? Because that happens to me all the time. Like for the past couple of days, the name Michael Fassbender keeps coming up in my head and I didn't even know what he looked like until I googled him and realised he is the guy from Prometheus which I still haven;t seen and that really annoys me.


Oh and I'm about to order a Merlin calendar for my friend from Amazon and I'm so excited because it is like THE perfect present :D It is not often that I buy absolute perfect presents and I think the very first time was when I got @robot-in-a-box that vanilla thing :D But asdfgh isn't it the best feeling when the present is just so /right/ for that persona and you feel so good :D

I finished watching Legend of Korra, or well season 1 at least and omg ZUKO MAY BE DEAD BUT HE DOES THE VOICE FOR HIS GRANDSON AND IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LISTEN, IT'S LIKE ZUKO, MY HERO IS BACK *fangirls*. But I don't think I like the new series as much as the old ones because everything is so modern and weird compared to the old 'rural' life I guess. And Bowlin or however you spell his name is like a wannabe Sokka and Mako is like the new 'bad, dark, mysterious guy with family problems' and is basically stealing the role of my Zuko and Naga cannot be the new Appa. Also, answer me this, how does Appa, the ONLY Sky Bison left in the world repopulate? Because there are mini sky bisons running around and this poses some serious questions. And omg Meelo is the absolute most hideous ugly character ever look bit.ly/UXn1Ok but asdf he is hilarious and one of my fave characters along with Chief Beifong who is incredibly badass and I hope someone has seen Legen of Korra so I'm not just talking to myself...

I've started watching Adventure Time as well and LSP is just awesome. Nuff said.

Oh and the Mortal Instruments trailer is out and if I didn't make it clear already, I HATE THOSE BOOKS BEYOND BELIEF but I shall save that rant for later. And Lily Collins annoys me so much, for no reason at all, so obviously I'm gonna hate the movie. And as much as I don't like Alex Pettyfer, he was the perfect choice for Jace Wayland rather than this ugly idk what his name is guy.

Guys I'm still stuck on that Sudoku puzzle. Or rather, I haven;t picked up the book again :(

I think my ramblings have gone on long enough so enjoy some links which i have been storing up for you all :D

1. bit.ly/T7ZPQ8 I've never really like RPatz (or RPitz as me and my brother like to call him) probably because he always looks like he just woke up and is hung over with seriosu bedhead and just generally looks like a hobo. But I have some new found respect for him ever since he mentioned that he hated Twilight. High five there yo. Oh and he looked like he crapped his pants the other day... bit.ly/Zkw68j

2. bit.ly/UVB4JX This just looks like the biggest pile of fun ever.

3. bit.ly/PcpbMA This guy does cool fruit geometric stuff. I really like the watermelon pics :D

4. bit.ly/juQPER This pic is real. Read more here bit.ly/jB44sm. Pretty awesome huh :D

5. bit.ly/TaGOKc I just love this so much :D

That's all folks. I'm off to experience more crazy dreams. No joke, I've had crazy vivd awesome dreams ever since the last blog post, expect for Tuesday, no dreams on Tuesday. Hmm.

My pillow awaits me, good night y'all :D
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