Hey guys,
Ok. So basically ya know how Maleeha always writes the description... well, today we've made a one-off deal where I get to write the description and reply to all the comments so yeah, Hi :)

Anyway I made this for the Style Mission No.18- Studs and ! would like to make this set for the 2 creators of SM, @noelleinashell and @hoppsan I know SM is over, but this set was originally made for the style mission and we forgot to post it, so I hope it's ok :) And also this set is for @lachompi09 and @ashley-rebecca because even though we don't talk and you don't really know me, before making a set I always go on to your page to look for inspiration and seriously, I would be so happy if I could make sets half as good as you guys. :) Hope you like it x

Also, I wanna make this for @robot-in-a-box because you're like the only person I know on here and I can't believe some of your set haven't got like 1000 likes yet ;D

As none of you really know me, I'm just gonna write a couple of things about me that I can remember at the top of my head...
1. I know this seems kinda obvious, but if you don't already know this: I am Fareeha. I make sets, Maleeha makes set + she (usually) does all the talking. We both run the group: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=132177 so feel free to join :)
2. If before I'm 20 I don't find a Unicorn, I want to get a traffic cone, put it on a horse's head and at least pretend I've rode on a unicorn :D
3. I love ALL food... especially mangoes... I'm eating one right now actually :D
4. I think I'm going to cry because I've read almost all the good books I can think of and I only have ONE to read over the summer :C (can you believe it?!) so if you can recommend any books it would be nice :)
5.Some of my favourite books are:
 - The Chaos Walking Trilogy (I got to go meet the author of this series the other day :D :D :D)
 - Lord of the Rings
 - Harry Potter
 - The Gone series
 - Percy Jackson
 - Skulduggery Pleasant 
You should defo read the top 4 if you haven't already
6. When I'm older I want to become an Interior Designer but if that fails I'm thinking about taking over the world and ruling as an evil emperor
7. Am a chocaholic :D
8. I think I should make my own separate race called The Faree-tard's because I do LOADS of retarded things such as once when I walked into a water fountain because I was so busy talking I never realised it was in front of me... *face-palm*
9. When you first see me you would probably think i'm shy but really if you get to know me I talk A LOT. Sometimes too much.
10. I fell in the school pond once... trust me you don't wanna know what it's like
11. I think some really evil person is just secretly stealing my thoughts just to be funny because i just forgot so many things I wanted to say D:
12. Oooh I went Dragon Boat Racing the other day but we lost by ONE SECOND?!
13. I've just made a new tumblr account ( bron-tyde.tumblr.com ) so you can find me there :) Also, I'm an absolute alien to the site so please bare with me if it's all in a sort of messed state right now. Thanks :D 

So, I think this is the shortest description we've had in a while and BYE :D x
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