Lady {by} Chromatics

+ Character Name [s]:Dianna Butler
+ Toni Garrn 
+ Reason [s] : I like her personality,and I see similarities between her character and Katie Scarlett's character.(could you let me expand her bio a little?i think it's a little too short.)
+ sample rp:
Dianna Butler 
'I can't think about that right now.If I do,I'll go crazy.I'll think about that tommorow.'
-Scarlett O'Hara,Gone with The Wind.

'Caroline hates me,because I'm better than her.'the young blonde told to her friend.'I don't blame her.I'm just too fab,for her to cope.I'm much like my mother,and she hates it.'she said once again.She arranged her blonde silky hair,and looked at her friend.'I guess,you are right.'her friend told her,thinking about the red-black-beige number she saw Caroline in today.'I saw her.Her boots,almost make me wanna think,how the hell she is an O'Hara?'
'Sweetie,I think she was pretty angry when I gived her the 'b*tch-don't-kill-my-vibe' look.' Dianna said,bursting into a laugh.Maybe Caroline's red (tacky) boots made her laugh and how Caroline said she likes Chanel.If she liked,then she would have been more prim-proper.As a rebel,Dianna was incredibly great dressed;wearing the most breathtaking gowns and clothes that made you died of envy.

+ Character Name [s]: Ryan Wilkies.
+ Francisco L.
+ Reason [s] : 
+ sample rp: hm,coming.
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