february | 25th | monday 
title: let her go, passenger. 

it's exactly 12:03 a.m, i'm debating whether or not to go to school tomorrow or today w/e. i'm thinking i'll do the usual and watch ferris bueller's day off and read one of the earlier hp books and eat pasta-salad or i'll go to school and attempt not to kill myself and everyone else.

this set is a lot suckier than it was intended to be thanks to the 50 item limit. 

my spring break trip will be to singapore. i'm excited, i haven't been there since i was 11. i'm going with my dad, who'll be there for business, and my niece (cousin's daughter - we're the same age). i'll be staying at the marina bay sands resort whoooooo! i'll post pictures and all that jazz when the time comes. 

for those of you who don't know what that is: http://elohhvee.tumblr.com/post/42722168706 
you've probably seen that on tumblr or something, it's from that hotel. 

there's no real point to this set...it's super fall-ish if anything which is weird because it's starting to get warm.

the oscars was alright. i'm glad jenlaw won, but i thought that les mis deserved more awards and the avengers deserved a few more nominations. i keep remembering when lotr literally swept the oscars with 11 wins, going to have to rewatch return of the king soon. 

i'm also disappointed that they weren't able to get all the james bonds on stage like they had said they would...but eh. 

i'm done rambling now, GOODNIGHT!


if you read the whole thing, reach over and give yourself a pat on the back you little angel.
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