SUNDAY DECEMBER 12: We’re all going to make warm dinners and bring to the homeless shelter tonight. It’s always good to help out, especially in this cold Boston weather.
I woke up to Lewis pacing back and forth, his head down, obviously deep in thought.

"Lewis, what's wrong," I asked, sitting up in bed. 

He stopped pacing and looked at me. "I'm not ready to be a father,"

I bit my lip. "I know, baby, but we have each other--,"

"No, you don't understand," He cut me off. "I /can't/ do this, Serena,"

"What is that supposed to mean," I said, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. I came to stand next to him and gently put my hand on his arm.

"I'm trying to be there for you, S, I really am. It's just...," Lewis sighed, looking like he was about to break down. "It's so hard. I'm scared, and I didn't want you to see me like this,"

I enveloped him in a hug, our heads resting on each other's shoulders. "I know, Lewis. It's so hard," I whispered. "But we have each other. Isn't that all that matters,"

Lewis pulled away and kissed me quickly on the lips. "Yeah. I'm sorry, baby,"

I laced my fingers with his. I silently prayed that this would all work out.


"So what happened this morning," Quinn asked me once we were at the homeless shelter. I handed a man a plate of food, and worked on reloading the next. "I heard Lewis pacing around,"

I sighed. "Yeah. He's just really stressed out with the baby coming so soon and all... He's scared,"

"Don't worry, you guys will do fine. Miranda had me and Jared for parents and she's fine," Quinn laughed.

"I know. It's just a scary thought. No more fooling around. We're going to be parents now," I told her, but at the same time I couldn't wait. I rubbed my stomach. Any day now, the doctor told me.

"Anyway," I said, handing off another plate. "How are you and Jared doing? I know things haven't been going perfectly,"

"Surprisingly really good. I'm trying really hard to make this work," She said, trying to smile.

"It'll all work out, Q. Don't worry. You've been through so much, I know it'll work,"

"Thanks, Serena. It means a lot," 

"Hey," The manager shouted to us. "Get off your feet, hunny. You're pregnant for heaven's sake,"

I giggled, then thanked her. We left and went home to a quiet house.

"What have you three been doing," Quinn asked as we entered the house, Jared playing with Miranda and Lewis sitting in the chair watching football. 

"Nothing," Lewis said, shrugging his shoulders. I went over to sit with him in the chair, snuggling up. "I missed you,"

"I missed you too," I said, smelling his farmiliar, comfortable scent. "We both did,"

I could feel Lewis smile. "I'm sorry about this morning. I really am excited,"

"It's okay," I said. "I get it. I feel the same way,"

"Okay. Are we okay," He asked me, rubbing my arms.

"We're perfect," I told him, and reached up to kiss him on the lips. Before I knew it we had been kissing like that for a full five minutes before Quinn groaned.

"Get a room," She said from her spot on the couch with Jared, looking pretty cozy herself. Miranda was sleeping on Jare's lap. 

"Shut up," I smiled. 

"I'd like to get a room," Lewis offered and I smirked.

I kissed him again. Sure it was a cliche and all, but I definately knew what they meant when there were 'fireworks'. 

This was good, I told myself as I snuggled up against him.
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