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Ian Somerhalder as Stefan Salvatore

From wikipedia: "Damon's younger, moral, and benevolent vampire brother. Stefan is 500 years old, but physically has the youthful appearance of a teenager. Stefan has an "old soul" aura about him Stefan is described as very classically handsome with fine facial features which are Roman in appearance — pale complexion with wavy dark hair, fine classic features and forest green eyes. Stefan is taller than his brother, Damon but not imposingly. Stefan is said to strongly resemble his older brother Damon. Stefan tends to wear very expensive clothing. Part of this is because he was once a member of the Italian nobility and his tutor taught him to dress as befitted as his position. Stefan wears a lapis lazuli ring to protect himself against the sunlight. Stefan is deeply tortured by his vampirism, but he has a hold on his humanity and the belief of doing the right thing."

Prevously featured in a set for the 50 fictional characters date challenge: http://www.polyvore.com/50_fcdc_xlv_decorating_house/set?id=31804125&lid=876765

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