Chanel iPad launch. kennedy

I nervously fiddled with the fringe on my sweater coat, hoping that I looked suitable. The party or, as I had heard some Italian dude disdainfully say, soiree, was quite unlike anything I had seen before. The huge room was decorated tastefully with tall calla lilies and elegantly dressed ushers showed everyone around. I felt very uncomfortable given the fact that the last and only party I had gone to in the past year was in a run-down bar where people were drunkenly square dancing. I stood by myself awkwardly hidden behind diaphanous, periwinkle curtains wishing no one saw me.

"Hey Ken, over here!"
It was Adhree, she looked beautiful, and she was beckoning me towards her and a couple of other people.
"You look nice, hun. But what's with the 'dear caught in the headlights' look? That is so 60's."
I laughed and tried to relax. We chatted for a couple of minutes longer and then she excused herself to go look for Piper.

I drifted around for a couple of minutes and then finally went and sat down at the bar. Of course I didn't order anything alcoholic and asked the bartender for a virgin daiquiri. It was delicious. Sipping on it slowly, i surveyed the whole room full of beautiful people and saw one of them come towards the bar. Dressed in a short, yellow dress she looked like she was a Victoria's secret model. I recognized her as one of the girl's at the loft and smiled.

“Kennedy, right?" She asked extending her hand towards me.
"Meadow," she said graciously.
"Nice to meet you," I said, fully meaning it after a very long time.

Turns out Meadow is great fun. She's beautiful, funny and smart. I think I may have made a friend after all. We chattered for a while and then she spotted someone she knew and left but not before making arrangements to meet again.

I got back to my umpteenth mocktail and attempted to order the bartender to get me a new one. Just then a tall man with high cheekbones slid onto the stool beside me with unexpected grace. He gave me a slight smile and ordered himself a wine cocktail in a slight French accent.

"Aren't you a little young to be all by yourself here?" he asked turning to me.
Feeling suddenly hot I said with all the dignity I could muster, "Excuse me, I'm old enough to drink if that's what you're suggesting." 
"Oh? It's just that I've been watching you all night and all you've been drinking is non-alcoholic drinks. Girls usually come here for all the free booze."
He made so many revelations in that single sentence that I didn't understand what I should think about first. Whether he thought I was different from most people or whether I was drinking too much or whether I should alarmed at the fact that he had been 'watching' me all night. Unable to decide I stared at the colourful umbrella of my empty pina colada (virgin) glass.

"So what's your story? Are you a Amish or something?"
"Well you certainly don't look like this is your scene."
I turned to glared at him and he burst out laughing holding, up his hands in defence.
"Also you're the only person here who doesn't smell like they marinated themselves in Chanel no.5 for two hours."
With horror I realized why I kept feeling like I had forgotten something when I was done getting dressed. I hadn't put on ANY perfume or fragrance. I probably smelt like a hobo. 

I suddenly got up from the stool and threw a wad of notes on the counter for the bartender. The person beside me stood up too and looked at me with concerned eyes.

"Hey I was just joking, nothing personal."
"It's okay, I just, I think I forgot something."

Spinning on my heels I made my way towards the exit sensing the guy following me. He opened the glass door for me and waited while I stepped out into the cool NY air.
"Are you okay? Do you want me to take you home?" he asked gently.
"No, no," I said vehemently signaling a cab, "it's okay, thanks."
"Well, shall me meet again? At least tell me your name?"
"Kennedy," I said, hurriedly getting into the cab and giving the driver my address.

Chanel parties and sexy french guys were a little to much for my fragile condition at the moment.


That was a LONG story. Did you read it, did you, did you?
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