i was 'theglamourdoll', but now, since i got tired of that name, i am 'spa-rks'.

you like? i know i do.

sorry @urban-barbie for making all these bregje sets, haha. just too inspired ;)

but i won't post a story until you do, haha.

MY LIFE ENDS TOMORROW. A.K.A. SCHOOL IS TOMORROW. ugh, so dreading it. i mean, it's nice to see my friends, but number one, i don't want sh-tty classes. two, i don't want to be in a class with the girls i effing despise. aka, the social-climbing bit-ches who are ugly as fu-k but think they're the best things walking this earth. third, i don't want to have to do homework again, asdfghjkl. forth, i don't want mean teachers who don't like me, and pick on me, and choose me randomly when i have no idea what the eff the answer is to their question. that's happened before, and it's annoying as hell.

the only thing that is good tomorrow is, FASHIONS NIGHT OUT! woo-hoo, i can't wait! okay, bye. i have to go pack for school tomorrow. at least tomorrow is only two hours long...



this set is kind of whimsy. that means whimsical, i just call it whimsy because it's cooler.
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