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I do believe those words from so long ago, 
when penned to parchment by a hand that has long become dust....
" a time to reap, a time to sow ",
Yes, time...do tell, who named it , time...
So many questions I have about time, 
not when it began, 
the question of time itself.
Time flies, did someone see time flying one day?
Time heals, does it, does it really ? And if so, how?
Time to wait, time to go, where did it go, and who really cares why?
Time, old man time ? 
Ahhh, I do think, old man time might indeed be a woman, seeking to be timeless in her life...as most women do.
Ahh, my dear time, will you be good to me, will you be timeless, forever, and if so, who will know?
Time, yes indeed, the question of time.
Set and words by Linda Caricofe who never seems to have enough time to do so many things, and yet, loves time, even if it does fly by ♥
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