We should never be desperate for love or a companion. No matter how much we desire to be with somebody, it still pays to be patient and wait for the right one. 

As the saying goes, It is better to be alone than in bad company. Rushing towards marriage or friendship could be dangerous and you can't expect people nowadays to be all honest and loyal with you. 

If you are in any way mistreated in a relationship may it be a friend or a boyfriend, leave now as it will only get harder if you let more time pass.

No matter how flawed we are or how many mistakes we've made or weaknesses we have, we all deserve somebody who would love us genuinely and accept us for who we are. 

Find a person who has seen your at your worst and has been with you through the darkest and still thinks you're beautiful.

My dear friends I just thought of these short pieces of advise while publishing this set. I know it may not be applicable to everyone but I hope at least it can help someone who might need it.

I am still celebrating my comeback here and I am so happy again to be surrounded by people who care for me genuinely and accepts me for me. 

I am so happy I have friends like you. 

I never longed to be accepted in any society after all the rejections and mistreatment I went through but polyvore is for everyone. There are no specific requirements other than you obey the pv rules and try to be nice honest and fair with everyone. There is no unhealthy competition where you will hear members boasting about their trophies or telling others they are better. This is not a place where we discriminate people. This is a place where both the rich and the poor unite, the white and the black are friends, there are no issues about any race or ethnicity, there is no age limit. People come here from all parts of the world to share their talents and their passions.

 I always say that I hope we can maintain this kind of environment because out there, in the real world called reality, the word "peace" is only a dream while here we are making it happen.

Thanks for accepting me.

I never wanted too much attention (aside from attention from a possible employer because I really wanted a job! Lol) In fact what I am aiming for is equality. You’ll know that if you are a member of my group as I try to give everyone recognition for their works and refrain from choosing my friends as winners but this place has given me more than I could ask for. 


Thank you is all I can say. Thank you for treating me humanely, for never judging me even if I seem so negative sometimes or if my confessions are sometimes annoying.

Thank you for comforting me in those rough times and for being my true friends. 

For all my pv friends who love me for me and for all those who are tagged:

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