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i've had the hunchback of notre dame soundtrack playing (which is a flawless composition, btw! i mean, hellfire is such an epic song) for a while and well...
so i've been tossing around the idea of auditioning for a male character, too. and then the hnd soundtrack helped me think of a wonderful storyline for the male character and i was like, screw it, i'll audition for both ariel & eric. 

so needless to say, i'm very excited for gabriel and elena's storylines now :)

- - - -

Name: Gabriel Irons
Age: 27
Height: 6'0
Previous job: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown, but he does have a slight Southern drawl, so somewhere down South probably.
Likes: fine whiskey and bourbon, old books, quietness, jazz music, journalling, James Dean films, money, women, & photography
Dislikes: People, Disney, being bossed around, the feds, the cops, the judicial system, & apples, specifically the green ones. 
Bio: The best phrase to describe Gabriel would definitely be 'morally ambiguous.' He's had a convoluted history; a past he rarely brings up in conversation. In fact, it's actually quite a mystery as to /what/ Gabriel did before working at Disney. There's a very plausible rumor that he is a convict, a criminal, and a wanted man charged with robbery and assault but has been on the run from the FBI for years...but you don't actually believe that, right? RIGHT?! Anyways, Gabriel doesn't exactly fit the mold of "Disney Prince." He doesn't hold highly to qualities like honor and chivalry and charming-ness; he's more of a trickster, a liar, and a thief. Only when he's in character does he actually even look approachable. Instead, Gabriel sort of balances on the line between good and evil--right and wrong. He doesn't follow the rules, he sets them. He doesn't care about the consequences, he takes them as they are. And above all, he creates his own honorable code to live by; one that may not always be socially acceptable. Sure, he's got a handsome face and a charming smile, but it undeniably is laced with venom and mischievousness. As to why Gabriel is a facecharacter at Disney of all things? Well, if you are one to believe the rumors, it's because he's in hiding from the police. Consider it a sort of 'Witness Protection Program' reversal for those who are criminals. Bottom line, take it from an expert: don't trust Gabriel.
Face character you are auditioning for: Prince Eric
Collection or storyboard or both:
--Storyboard: http://www.polyvore.com/you_know_im_so_much/set?id=64723980
--Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2086051
Model: Ian Somerhalder
Taken by: @jolieenrose
In character questions:
-Tell me about yourself. What are your likes, dislikes, interests, hobbies, etc?
I love the magical feeling of Disney and being able to be apart of such a wonderful atmosphere where I make people's days wonderful and...
I can't do this anymore.
It sickens me. Ugh.
Okay, I love bourbon. Good bourbon. Not the cheap, shiitty kind. I love women. Beautiful and sensual women. I hate people being around me. I want my privacy. I also hate talkers. Y`know, those who just talk and talk and talk? And those who pry on my privacy. My interests are far and few between. I'm not really sure what they are, it's different every day. Whatever makes me smirk or grin, I guess. My hobbies--oh how I hate that word--include reading good books. I mean books written by authors like Hemingway and Faust and London. I suppose I like to travel, too. I've done it a lot.

-What attracts you to Disney? Why do you like it so much?
Nothing and I don't like it.
Wait, was I not supposed to say that?
I mean, I love Disney. I love the overpriced ripped-off feeling of it. I love the greed and the monopolization. And I absolutely love being a Prince who fell for a girl based only on her voice and not her looks or personality. It's great, right?

-What is one quote (Disney or not) that describes you and why?
"The wicked envy and hate; it is their way of admiring."
--Victor Hugo
I believe this one is sort of self-explanatory: Hate me if you want, I see it as admiration.

-Why do you want to be a face character?
I don't. But maybe if I like you enough, I'll divulge in the real reason why.
Out of character questions:
-What are your top three model and character choices?
Prince Eric -- Ian Somerhalder
Flynn Rider -- Zachary Levi
Jack Sparrow -- Probably Johnny Depp ;3
-Can you commit to making at least one set a week?
-Are you interested in being a co-mod? (saying no won't effect your chances of getting in, don't worry!)
**See previous audition.

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