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Wrote one year ago
@kittenpuffjr The great thing about our shadows is that they can also be applied over a primer/lotion/lidwax and the colors become even more bright and brilliant then what you see in the pictures (they can be used as shadow, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick, blush and polish)
As far as brushes, not at the moment but I am looking into it (For now my favorite brush I use for foundation is Jane Iredale foundation brush $41 and for eyeshadow Bare Minerals max coverage concealer brush $20) Personaly I think they are both far to expensive!!! So trust that I am searching for similar quality and hopefully at a quarter of those prices ... I'll keep u posted if I find anything :)

Wrote one year ago
That's a really good deal, I especially hate when eyeshadow fades or doesn't go on as I bright as I would like and you can just tell by looking at these that it goes on smooth and bright! Do you sell brushes/applicators as well?

Wrote one year ago
Most other companies:
only have 1.5g of product in a 5g jar
sell anywhere from $14-$22
And include all kinds of harsh chemicals
Ooh La La Mineral Cosmetics actually help heal your skin! (I personally use the mineral foundation as a bedtime spot treatment to zap any unwanted (hormonal) skin conditions that arrise) ;)

Wrote one year ago
@kittenpuffjr Thank You so much!!! Eyeshadows are $17 for 4grams of product (10g jar with sifter) 40 colors to choose from at Half the Price of other companies and 2-3x the amount of Product with only 5 very long lasting all natural Ingredients :) no chemicals!
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide, Aloe Vera (vegan, cruelty free, gluten free)

You can also visit our store at http://oohalamineralcosmetics.com

Wrote one year ago
Those eyeshadow colors are absolutely gorgeous! How much does one of those run?


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