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Guys, I need your help. For my fashion careers class I have to trend forecast. For Fall 2012 and fucking next spring. We got this list of websites to use but they were all professional services you had to pay for [like branding marketing services], or broken links, or in French. I'm bad at predicting trends. I don't even care, except that I mysteriously always tend to be exactly one step ahead of the trend, in a totally non-cool way, because when that thing does become cool I'm done with it and whining about how I totally was onto that way before and no one believes me or gives a shit [90's nostalgia being one.]. But I can't predict next fucking spring. 
Buuut, I'm conviced some of you can. All I've found is like 'Renewal is the future! Go green! Save Energy!" blah blah blah. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for specifically to fashion--shiloettes, themes, fabrics, patterns, shapes, colors, all that fun design stuff. If you want to have a gander. 
I do have a list going for fall based around what's out for pre-fall. You don't have to like be a professional, but what do you want to see yourself wearing NEXT spring? Any rambling lists are okay with me.

Thanks loves.

PS: My birthday. This friday. Wheee, 19. Definily legal.
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