#Thatsexyinboxthoinboxxxtho @h4rr3h-styl3s People would be mad if you set me on fire again
Don't forget to do my hatetag c: http://www.thiscrush.com/~queen-swift

And my Ask.fm 
For Them Special People! ^-^

@f-cklogan Vous êtes inoubliable. Vous êtes irrésistible. Vous êtes irremplaçable.♡ 
P.S. Je veux faire des trucs de lit avec vous c;
@naya-rivera-anonn My favorite taco buddy #Taya5ever
@s4mmich The Couch Potato!
@cupcakeluver4 Cute lil mariecake :3
@naya-rivera-anonn CandyBuddy ♡
^You get two cos you're that special c;
@th0seanons I like your butt. Therefore I will poke it.
@britishcurls is a sexy superman and is jealous that I have a nonexistent dick.

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