+White Hollister v-neck (exact)
+White wide-strap cotton tank top (not in set)
+White Frenchi bandeau (exact)
+Dark wash bootcut Miss Me jeans with rhinestones at the top of the flaps and rhinestones lining the top of the front pockets (not exact)
+Multi-print Steve Madden moccasins (exact)
+Clear Baby Lips lip balm (exact)
+"Perfect Lash" mascara that came as a freebie with a Bliss magazine my sister got me (not in set)
+Purplish-brown braided leather bracelet (not in set)
+Pink, purple, and chartreuse braided friendship-style bracelet my mother got me in the Highlands (not in set)
+White jelly and fake silver Geneva watch with a face surrounded by rhinestones and flowers of varying colors on the part under the glass (not in set)

So my mom's e-mail got hacked. So I guess they have our information now. They had the filter so it deleted every e-mail that came in her e-mail, and the security for our e-mail provider says they think they were going to drain our bank accounts and the e-mails from the banks would be deleted so my mom wouldn't know and wouldn't be able to stop it. It's really scary and creepy, it honestly gives me the shivers and I feel kind of vulnerable. What if they found a way to hack my e-mail? wow. 

I got a 100 back on an essay I wrote for English. Cool.

English: Read Chapters 23 & 24 of Huck Finn and begin questions for 22-24. Completed.
French: Do certain parts of pages 7-9. Completed.


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