+Pink see-through gauze-y Gaby & Eden blouse with floral crochet embroidery and drawstrings at the neck and hips (not exact)
+Light pink American Eagle lace-back tank (exact)
+White Frenchi bandeau (exact)
+Light wash American Eagle jeggings (exact)
+Brown Steve Madden military boots (exact)
+Clear Maybelline Baby Lips (exact)
+NARS lip gloss in Orgasm (exact)
+Betsey Johnson decorative heart earrings (exact)

Hey, girls! I really love my outfit today; the boots came yesterday and they are AMAZING. Super-comfy and sooo cute in person! I can't wait to use them for my Halloween costume. Except I'm not quite sure I'll get a Halloween, because of Hurricane Sandy. But I don't mind terribly. My new Hollister jeans came today so I'll be wearing those, finally, instead of my American Eagle jeans all the time.

English: Outsiders Chapters 1-4. Incomplete. First draft of narrative essay. Incomplete.
History: Washington-DuBois organizer. Incomplete. Current events presidential assignment. Incomplete.
Science: Cell project. Incomplete.
French: For extra credit, write a song/rap/skit/dance about the verb être. Incomplete.
Math: Finish worksheet. Incomplete.

ahhh so much homework and of course I expect for the power to be out Sunday. gahhh the only reason why I hate storms. omg though wouldn't it be hilarious if the power was out Tuesday? because it's only going to reach a high of 47. ahhh whatever. I'll just take it as it comes. Just be warned I might not be on much.


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