Eh I actually wore this the other day, but I forgot to publish it, so we can pretend I'm wearing this today. Though it's much colder this week. Grr. It was freezing yesterday. AND IT'S MAY! Sigh. Why you no come faster, Spring? 

Anyway. I'm pulling a Ferris Bueller today. Actually, I should not be making that reference because I've never actually watched the movie, but yeah. Didn't go to school today because my allergies have been killing me, and I've been feeling pretty crummy lately. That, or I just have a cold. I can't even tell. But one of my eyes feels like it's exploding right now. Argh. I'm pretty sure it's allergies. 

So now, here I am, on Polyvore instead of in French class.

But. I'm being responsible and using these extra hours to study for my history test on Friday. Sooo I should get back to that.

Talk to you guys later!

P.S. One of my classmates was telling me a funny story... This past Sunday, someone was like to them, "Well today is a pretty special day!" And she was like, "Oh yeah, cause it's Mother's Day!" And that person was like "NO. It's Pythagorean Triples Day!" Cause it was 5/12/13. Lol. Okay a little nerdy fun for you there. Time to go now. Bye for real!
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