Song of the day: Mirrors - Justin Timberlake

Omg I love JT and Jessica Biel. Second favorite married celebrity couple (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are my faves ;)). I don't know if anyone else watched this, but Jessica Biel was in this show called Seventh Heaven and it was the cutest show ever about this big family. I was obsessed with it. Omg. It was so good. 

Anyway check out my two fave covers of this song:

Lol so this was so NOT my outfit today. It was raining and freezing. But I wore it on like Wednesday or something and wanted to make a set for it :) These are shoes I actually own! And they're my fave shoes ever. Omg. I got them last year so I they're probs not on sale anywhere anymore, but if they were, I'd tell you all to get them. They're comfortable, gorgeous, and they were pretty cheap (and it's a long story, but I actually technically got them for free, too!) #scoreee

Anyway. So today I visited my cousins (who I literally haven't seen in five years or so since they live in the Philippines) and we went to CT to see them because they're staying with another family member there, and so we went to this mall there and OMG they had the MOST BEAUTIFUL Forever 21 there. I almost died. It was heaven. The one in my local mall is messy and chaotic and it's impossible to find anything in that store but this one was immaculate and so I was able to spot all these GORGEOUS pieces but ugh I have no money so I only got one tee since I had an $11 store credit. But omg I love that store so much. Cause like, yeah, half of it is trashy and cheap but omg the other half is pure gorgeousness. You just gotta pick out the good stuff. Ugh I love shopping.

And then we went to a Starbucks and omg guys I need help. So I never go to Starbucks because it's crazy expensive, and the only time I've ever had it, my friends ordered for me... So today, when we went, I was like um idk I'll get an iced coffee because everyone always does so I should like it too. And I guess I was supposed to tell them to add something to it or something, but I'm a Starbucks virgin so I had no idea what to do! And it came out gross! Meep. Help. Guys, how should I take my iced coffee? Slash what are your favorite Starbucks drinks so I don't sound like such an amateur next time? Lol.

Annnnd great news, I maybe possibly might be getting an iPhone tomorrow!!! I don't wanna jinx it, but if everything works out, I think I convinced my dad to get me one! Because I'll be living by myself (with my twin) for our internship this summer, so I need a phone! Plus, as I've already mentioned, my phone is literally a dinosaur. Like I'm pretty sure it came out in like 2001. But omg I'm so excited! If I do, what color should I get? I'm leaning towards white...

Okay. Cross your fingers for me! :)

I have to write two papers now, though, so catch up with you later!

Happy weekend!

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