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@cuddlyanons ♡♡ OH MY GOD!(: it's my wonderful fiancé / baby daddy. Yeah I mean I'm pregnant with his baby. Got a problem? No one really asked your opinion on Luke and I. He's my special dweeb!! ♡ Aha but I mean he's mine. Not anyone else's. He stole my heart so I'm stealing his Last name Soon so it's okay. But baby I love you with all my heart! Don't forget it, okay? ♡♡ Jade ♡♡

@pr-incesstbh My little butter! My little sister aha. Oh where do I begin? I honestly don't know. I'm messed up and I'm sorry. I feel bad, but you're always having me here? Okay? Good. I feel weird because there is so much I have to stay, but don't know how to put it. Just know I love you sis ★☆ Kegan ★☆

@justanonstbh (: it's my leprechaun! Oh ni I'm just kidding, but I could call you bill ni, like the science guy, but his name is Bill Nye. So maybe not, but anyways, I love you and cuddles so so much! I'm going to babble more so I'll stop here, but remember. Your bum looks amazing in those jeans (; ★☆Harry★☆

@this-is-us-anons Ed likes it when my lip rings are out so he can bite my lip (; . Aha this boy is mine. We're soon to be married and have a wonderful family. They may be adopted, but they'll be like we were the cause of them actually coming into the world. But I'm crazy about this boy. He's amazing, funny, sweet, caring, gentle (when he wants to be.), and bunches of other things. I love you baby boy! ★☆ Will ★☆

@anon-yo ♔ Nicole baby! I love you!(: But honestly I can not wait for us to get married because then I will be married to the love of my life. You flipped my world upside down, but it is perfect this way. I couldn't ask for more. I love you :* . ★☆ Selena ★☆

@janoskians-anonz ~☆My big Butta Jai. Honestly you don't know how awesome he is! I believe he's single (; but if you're thirsty he'll just go around you... He doesn't need a girlfriend because he's awesome! Bam woosh! Wow I'm a weirdo...
I should probably just stop talking before I embarrass myself, but yeah he's awesome xx Pez ★~ 

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