(OOTE means Outfit of the Evening by the way)
+Mint open-knit Nasty Gal waterfall sweater (exact)
+White wide-strap Justice cotton tank (not in set)
+White Champion sports bra (not in set)
+Black Ann Taylor LOFT leggings (exact)
+Cognac Frye riding boots (exact)
+Heart Betsey Johnson earrings (not in set)

So we went to the country club for dinner, and since the dress code calls for no jeans, whatsoever, I had to change. So, this is what I wore. Nothing particularly fancy. On a side note, I really love how the heels of the Frye boots click when you want. Also, they're really hard to get on the first and second time unless you use Saran wrap. It's getting easier for me as I wear them more, but I definitely recommend using Saran wrap. If you don't have any, put on some pantyhose and cut them so they don't show; that's what I did the first time I wore mine and my grandmother didn't have any Saran wrap at hand. Plastic bags work fine as well, just make sure there's something at the end you can grab onto to pull it out because trust me, you do NOT want to be walking around with plastic bags under your feet all day.

We're going pumpkin-picking tomorrow. The place is across the river, so we're waking up early, eating breakfast, getting on the ferry (and feeding the pigeons on the way there of course), and going pumpkin-picking. It's really cool, it's this huge field where you can cut your own gourds and pumpkins and they have a corn maze as well. SO much fun. Then I'll go back home and do my project, ugh, not looking forward to that.


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