Hey everyone! Here's my OOTM:
•Teal short-sleeved slub shirt (Nike; exact)
•White sports bra (Under Armour; exact)
•Printed "galaxy" teal and blue running shorts (Nike; exact)
•White tennis sneakers (Nike; exact)
•White, purple, and pink socks (Power Sox; not in set)
•Concealer (Benefit Boi ing! in 01 Light, exact)
•Hair in a low pony

lol I didn't even realize I hadn't clipped my concealer from my beauty haul back in April until I realized I didn't have it to put it in my set... lol. Other than the concealer, no makeup. I just went and played tennis with my dad, I won! Haha yay. :) It's Father's Day so I gave my dad a card that I made and a "certificate" filled with "coupons" for me to do things with/for him, etc. He really liked the someecards I screenshotted and put on the card, especially the one that said "Happy Father's Day to a man who has ben monitoring my cell phone usage much longer than the NSA has." My father and I talk about politics a lot so he liked that haha.

Obviously I'm not going to wear this all day. I don't even have the socks or tennis shoes on anymore because now I'm home haha. Might go to the pool with Mom, in which case I'll probably post another OOTM. 

Here's a survey, I was tagged by the lovely @ginaheartscupcakes:
O1. How did you find polyvore? 
I had been a part of the website Beacon Street Girls, and when that got shut down, I was really sad. I kept trying to find a website that could replace BSG in my heart and I could have fun on. I looked up "fun websites for tween girls" or something like that (I was like 11, 10 at the time; didn't know about the age limit haha) and found out about Polyvore. I made an account and had one for quite some time, but got deleted by Polyvore because I was too young. Then I returned last June, now I'm old enough, and here I am now!

 O2. Explain your username
I was trying to think of a clever username, because my old username was something kind of stupid, beta141 I think. I had named it after this girl on BSG. Obviously this username is pretty obvious... at the time I was obsessed with One Direction, and wanted to do something clever. So, @affectionforonedirection. I still like it, even though I'm not as obsessed with One Direction anymore, because I think it's pretty clever. :) I mean obviously people must like it, because I've had several people put part of my username in their username... 
O3. What item do you use too much?
Well, I make a lot of OOTDs, not many good "fashion" sets like the lovely girl who tagged me... So I'd say the item I wear the most and use the most is my American Eagle jeggings in the Light Indigo Wash. I use those a LOT.
O4. What clothing item do you wish you had in real life?
Chanel 2.55 :( It's so gorgeous! I would definitely use it all the time.
O5. What's your favorite set of yours? 
This one: http://www.polyvore.com/binder_cover/set?id=55215888 
I just love the colors and I just think it kind of represents a side of me as a person. It was a binder cover for the beginning of school, but I still love it. :)
r a n d o m
O6. Would you ever get a tattoo? Of what and where? 
Probably not, but if I did, I would get an infinity sign (cliché I know but I love it ∞) on my back. It'd be tiny and on my like lower back. Oh I guess people call that a tr@mp stamp... Whatever IDC.
O7. What song describes your life?
At the moment, "Heart Attack" by Demi Lovato... lol it's pretty much about the guy I like. But it'll change soon because it's summer and I don't see him! 
O8. What do you want to name your kids? 
Sybil, Alison, Beatrice, Blythe for a girl. (Probably Sybil first choice, then Blythe, then Beatrice). For guy, Caleb. That is all.
O9. What was the last movie you saw and how was it?
Well, haven't finished it yet, but the last one I started and began watching was Jack Reacher. It's pretty good, I like it! And it's funny haha.

1O. What's something you're looking forward to?
Camp! And school supply shopping in August... yep I'm a nerd. ;)

So, yeah! Happy Father's Day to everyone! Signing off!

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