Opal Silver {Mirrors School}

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Model used - Wednesday Mourning.

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Name: Opal Silver.
Age: Sixteen years old.
Hometown: Oxford, England.

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Short Bio: Opal is used to betrayal, but that hasn't made her personality less emotional. Her father killed in battle by unknown forces, her mother ridiculed by her fellow runners for her barely-acceptable skills, herself ostracised for being a flyer. It's a miracle that she's still sane - but hasn't everyone had a rough time over the past few years?

● Mother: Tabitha Silver.
• A runner, but not an especially talented one.
• Eccentric, clumsy, forgetful, creative, optimistic.
• Opal very much resembles her mother.
● Father: Luc Silver.
• An ordinary human man, killed in the war.
• Ambitious, clever, defensive, wary, lonely.
• Nobody knows who or what killed him.

Secret: Opal is a lesbian; she only finds girls to be attractive.

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{ HAIR } Opal has waist-length hair that is naturally wavy but normally straightened. It is so black that every cliché comes to mind - as black as the night sky, as black as a raven's wing, etc. This mane of hair falls to her knees and looks as silky as it feels. Her fringe is cut into a V-shape that comes to a point at the bridge of her nose.
{ EYES } Opal's eyes aren't pretty jewel colours that change shades depending on her mood or the weather. They're always the same shade of grey, take it or leave it. 'Like smoke fixed in opals', her mother once stated. Surrounding these are oddly short and thin lashes that must be coated with mascara to suit Opal's liking.
{ FACE } Opal's face is oval-shaped and slightly long. Her skin is extremely pale, as translucent as clear quartz. It gives her a slightly eerie pallor. Her features are sharp, with high cheekbones. She has unusally thin lips which are quite pale, but she always wears darker lipstick.

{ BODY } Opal stands at 5'1" tall, but she often wears platform boots that make her seem a little taller. Her weight is 145lbs and she has a 32C bust. She has a Gothic style, but no piercings or tattoos.

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✔ Mature and sensible.
✔ Thoughtful, considers others before herself.
✔ Intelligent academically.
✔ Generally an optimist with a positive outlook.
✔ Very open-minded and accepting.

✘ Tends to be over-sensitive.
✘ Has a bad habit of bottling up her feelings.
✘ Easily becomes jealous of others.
✘ Accident-prone and notoriously clumsy.
✘ Can become lazy if she loses interest.

● Reading, especially horror and fantasy fiction.
● Playing chess is a favourite hobby of Opal's.
● Sews some of her own clothes by hand.
● Writes songs and stories when inspired.
● Her skill. You'll see what it is in time.
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