Brian Foxx → 25 → Gucci → FC: Matt Bomer → Ship: Anna/Open → OPEN
Orientation || Straight
Bio ||
Brian was never over weight or out of shape, never ever. But that didn’t stop his dad from making remarks to him about how he was so and needed some work done. Sure his dad never laid a hand on him - he saved that for his other brother, but Brian got the emtional aspect of it too. For years he watched his little brother get beaten and he tried to stop it, but all he got was verbally attacked and laughed at by his dad. Eventually he stopped trying to save his brother, so he himself didn’t have to suffer either. Although the damage was done - by college, he was starting to be bul.imic, worked out every day for hours. Being a model didn’t help him quit it either, and he is still doing it to this day. 
Personality ||
Flirty, charming and smooth - the ladies love him. And certain ones will also love that he has a dir.ty mind. But he is still a complete gentlemen to them. And his guy friends love that he has a di.rty mind - especially because he is so funny when it comes to di.rty jokes. Although friends and family don’t know that he has a low self-esteem because of his dad’s ab.use that he got. It was no where near as bad as his brother’s but it was enough to make him have a low self-confidence and second guess himself. He feels guilty that he stopped trying to protect his brother. 
From || New Jersey
Secret || Has an eating disorder because of his dad’s ridicule 
Relationships || Brandon and Bryce are his younger brothers. He is friends with Parker. He has a cr.ush on Anna and hopes to win her over, even though Parker and Morgan are also fighting for her. Doesn’t mind Jeremy. Friends with Walt. - Player can add more -

Apply here|| 

+ I play Anna and I would love you forever if you took him since she and him are possible love interests for each other.
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