Courtney Alexis Allen - Jonas. 21, newly married, foster mom to two young boys. Adjusting to a new husband, two boys, only a dream would allow her to keep these boys. It was four weeks after Joe & Courtney's marriage and they were finally settling in with Levi & Connor when she got the call that a trial date had been set for her to keep the boys. She was beyond excited. She had always had names picked up for them, that they themselves helped with. 
Courtney held Connor, soon to be named Connor Reid Riley Jonas as she walked into the courtroom. He was dressed in his church clothes, with his pacifier and wrapped in his blanket. She knew that at any moment of his birth mom seeing him she could change her mind and take them away from her. She sat Connor down on the bench behind her, Joe sitting Levi, soon to be Levi Gideon Jack Jonas down next to him. She turned, reminding them of the quiet time manners. They nodded and she quietly, spoke to them, " Connor, Levi, no matter what happens here today, I love you boys. We love you boys. " She kissed their foreheads. Turning to face the judge. She took Joe's hand behind the pedestal, honestly scared. The judge started, " Mr. and Mrs. Jonas you wish to adopt Levi & Connor Tylers into your family? " Courtney nodded, " Yes your honor, we do. " He looked over to the birth mom, " Do you give your rights up? " She looked over at Courtney then back at the judge, " I did revoke my parental rights, but, I would actually like to reinstate them. " Courtney's heart sank, 99% of the time they gave the birth right back to the mom. (skipping much debating) 
" I have made my decision. Seeing all points made by each side and by case worker. I usually would give children back to their biological moms, but in this case and considering the condition of your apartment Miss Tylers, has not improved since you have been relieved of your parental rights, I am granting a closed adoption to Mr. & Mrs. Jonas. " The Judge spoke. Courtney broke into tears, smiling. The boys looked at her curiously, before Levi spoke, " No cry mommy! I wove you! " hugging her leg. She picked them both up and hugged them, " I love both you boys. " She kissed Joe and both the boys foreheads. (skipping the name changing process.)
She drove back home, to their house, a 10 bedroom, 18 bath house in Hollywood Hills. Relieved that she could finally live her life with her boys. All three of them. She knew she'd have to call his family immediately. She looked at Joe as they drove up the highway, seeing the boys asleep in the back, " Well, Mr. Jonas, we're now officially parents. "
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