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Alyss sat down at a local coffee house, the dark room making a shady and warm environment, and the girl sighed. Nobody in the house knew she was royalty, nor the power of the cards. They thought she was anthour little girl. She has been a klutzy 14 year old since the 1800s, and tired of the act. Alice the klutzy stupid girl, not Alyss the princess of the Clubs. 

She felt bad leaving Club at the house, but a girl couldn't carry a rabbit any more these days. And without his collar? Oh the fear of a wild animal this world had.

For the fifth time today, she ran her hand over a small ring she found.
Ben entered the coffee house to avoid the sun. It was too high for him, and his skin could burn off. Not a nice thought. He looked around. It was nice, and more importantly, dark. Perfect.

He went up to the cash resistor and ordered a black coffee, without emotion, nor care. The cashier was trying to get his eye, but she seemed like someone who didn't sleep, so she was useless to him. No point in chasing her. Ben ignored her glances and got his coffee, and sat down without anthour word. 

He wouldn't be this sad, if he knew where his beloved ring was, the one thing that helped him from the sun and the disease. That thing was his health in a package. Someone had his health in their crummy hands.
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