Ok, I promised a good update but this became lame, i wrote some stuff earlier so now after I tried to write a little bit more it became crappy... anyways here's a long update and I made a turning point in the story I hope it's not confusing and well next update will be AJ's b-day party! I hope I can collaborate with some of you... @nyamnyam you can take advantage of it if yoou want to use Soohyun lol btw I don't plan to write for @chomiczynka's YG's party since I don't think my characters would do something interesting there, but if you want to, you can mention them ^_^

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“The only thing I can say about this” G took my necklace with a disgusted expression “Is that now I understand why people say he has no taste!”
I glared at him and snatched Jaeseop’s gift from his hands. “It looks so cheap”

“That’s because it’s cheap, this doesn’t cost more than 5 dollars” I said as I put the necklace around my neck. “It’s one of those souvenirs people sell outside churches” I explained to him as I caressed the small pendant and his lips curved into a grimace. “But the point is he bought it for me, that’s such a nice gesture” I smiled recalling the moment when Jaeseop smiled at me and…

“STOP DAYDREAMING!” G slapped, glaring at me. “I can’t believe you’re actually doing this” He looked at me like if I was completely out of my mind. “I don’t know if I prefer seeing you depressed over Minho or seeing you smiling like an idiot all the time” I simply raised my upper lip and frowned. “But I definitely hate when you do that annoying face!” he pushed me playfully and left me alone in my office, with a smile that hardly would disappear from my lips.

During the weekend, in the midst of my busy day, a sudden call interrupted my work and I picked up half annoyed, half curious about the unknown number on the screen of my cellphone.


“We have a serious issue to talk about now!” For a second I was tempted to hang up the phone, until I recognized the voice coming from the other side as Suho’s.

“Hi, nice to hear you too, are you doing fine? I am” I said sarcastically.

“Ha! So astute” He said, his voice dripping irony

“Well, the fact you’re calling from L.A. to have serious talks is not something I had expected” I laughed, as he simply remained silent. “Ok, ok, I’ll stop, what is it?” 

“I know you’re so much into U-KISS lately and all your stuff with your neighbor but can you explain me why are you dragging Zsuzsi with you all the time?” He sounded so angry that I actually believed I did something wrong.

“W-what?” I asked sheepishly, trying to understand what he was talking about.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you and that Jaeseop” He said putting emphasis on his last words “But if you like him just don’t drag Zsuzsi with you in your crazy adventures” 

“Ok, I’m officially lost now. Look, I have plenty of work and I don’t understand a single word, call me when you actually have something rational to say” I was about to hang up, but he spoke again.

“Wait, where are you?” He asked, his voice suddenly sounded confused.

“I’m working now, at home, I have a lot of work to actually rest during the weekend like others do” I replied annoyed.

“Aren’t you in Jeju? Where’s Jaeseop?” He demanded a reply by raising his voice.

“I don’t know why you’re under the idea I’d probably be in Jeju and I’ll ignore that now, and about Jaeseop I have no idea where he is, which is perfectly normal because I’m not his babysitter, we see each other from time to time when we coincide at the elevator, but that’s it and I don’t even know why I’m explaining it to you!” I made a pause to breath and added “And I have no idea what’s going on with Zsuzsi and U-KISS but believe me I have nothing to do with it cause I’m working now!” I hung up the phone without waiting for a reply but expecting Suho to call again during the next minutes. As predicted my phone rang a while after and I took it reluctantly.

“What now?!” I yelled after picking up, there was a moment of silence and then a voice I didn’t expect to hear, talk cautiously.

“I didn’t want to bother you…” I closed my eyes and shook my head *but you’re doing it* a voice said inside my head “…but, we’re making a party for Suho, you know for his birthday” I remained quiet “Are you still there?” Minho asked.

“I am” I replied trying to sound cool.

“Since you’re a good friend of him, I think you must know and go, I’ll call you when we’re back to tell you the details, just make sure not to make plans for that day.”

“Thank you, just send me a message, by…” Before I could finish that word, Minho talked again.

“Are you that mad?” 

“Minho, I’m busy now, so busy that I have no time to be mad at people” I tried to carefully pick my words. “I have a lot of work to do, thanks for telling me about the party. Bye”

“Just let me say something, don’t hang up the phone” his voice sounded desperate for a second, but against my will I simply pressed the button to finish the call. 

“I’m sorry, but all I have now is this” I said to myself as I continue to sketch on my book. “My work, there’s nothing more important than this now” 

The deadline to present the final project we would be doing for a fashion brand was getting closer and closer, G and I were working like crazy and I was so into work that sometimes I would skip my meals and of course my sleeping hours were all messed up. That night G and I decided to stay in the office and finish one of the most important parts of the collection. I was measuring, tracing lines, copying patterns and working on the actual garments as he was sitting in front the computer, editing pictures and making boards, around 9 pm I was so tired that I let one of my rules slip from my hands and frustration took over me. I cursed loudly and bend down to pick up my work material as my best friend scowled and cleaned his throat to catch my attention.

“What?” I blurted out, meanly.

“If you’re tired you can just leave” He said as I glared at him.

“Do you think that is something I can decide just like that? We’re behind…”

“Stopped it already” he stood from his chair and came next to me.

“If you want to go to Suho’s party just go” he put a hand on my shoulder and just then I remembered I had to attend to Joon Myeon’s party.

“Holy… damn! G why didn’t you tell me earlier! I forgot about it!” I cried as I shook my head in disbelief and closed my eyes.

“I thought you were consciously avoiding it!” He defend himself as I simply went back to my work, giving up the idea of going in that moment, it was too late already and I was such a big mess, I’d have never shown myself in such a state in front of SM members.

“Nevermind” I tried to force a smile, “we have a lot of work to do!” I added as I took a pattern and placed it on the table. 
Later that night I found myself siting on the bench outside home, I was having a cigarette, it was actually the first time I was smoking since I moved to my new place and I had to admit that I was doing it without any apparent reason, I was just there, feeling how the summer’s breeze was messing up my hair and not even thinking about anything, my mind was blank and my breath pace was unusually relaxed.

“You’ll be able to do everything on time!” I said to myself, trying to convince my own brain of it. I needed some encouragement, I was feeling down and really unconfident about my work. 

“Are you ok?” I looked up to find Jaeseop standing next to me, holding a groceries bag and staring at me with his penetrant gaze, his eyes full of eyeliner just making more obvious his incredulity.

“Hello” I looked down as I let one last puff of smoke leave my mouth. 

“Are you ok?” His voice repeated and I couldn’t face him. I simply nodded as I threw the cigarette butt on the ground. “Are you drunk?” He asked as he sat next to me, placing the bag just in between us.

“No, I’m not”

“Then, why are your eyes all swoll… were you crying?” He said raising one eyebrow. I shook my head but he forced me to look directly at his eyes by holding my chin with his hand. The sudden touch made me shudder and I quickly stood up.

“I’m fine, don’t worry, just a little bit stressed, that’s it!” I took my bag carefully and turned around but he held me by the arm.

“I know we’re not friends but sometimes it’s better when you share your problems with people who don’t know you that well, that way they’ll be able to see it from another perspective” he said also standing up, for a brief second I was temped to run away, just leaving him there and going inside the building, but his smile stopped me and I simply sat on the bench as I let out a heavy sigh. Jaeseop smiled triumphant and sat down as well, his groceries bag still in between us.

“I don’t need to talk about my problems, I just need some peace, I need to rest and tell people to stop bothering me” His expression tensed up “And I’m not talking about you” I clarified. “It’s just that sometimes I…” Some tears threatened to fall down my cheeks so I closed my eyes to stop them.

“Just cry if you feel like it, but don’t let it become an habit!” he showed a smile and stood up, tending me his hand to help me to do it as well. “Come on! It’s getting cold” He said as I put my bag on my shoulder. Probably it was the fact that I was wearing really high heels or the fact that I hadn’t eaten during the whole day, but as I tried to stand up by myself , I felt dizzy, just like if I was drunk. 
Jaeseop hurriedly took me by the arm and his eyes widened worriedly.

“Are you sure you’re not drunk?” he asked and I playfully slapped his arm.

“I’m not!” I defended myself “I’ve been to busy to eat” I explained, I didn’t want him to think I was some alcoholic girl or something like that.

“You really need to get ride of all of that stress” he said as we walked towards the door, just in that moment I realized he was still linking arms with me and I blushed. Jaeseop stopped by the entrance and pressed the code, next second the doors swung opened for us but before we could get in a voice talked out of nowhere.

“So this is why you didn’t go to Suho’s party” Minho said as he stood in front of Jaeseop and me. My mind started to work rapidly, trying to find something to say or do but I was astonished and my brain was too tired to think properly. It’s was all like a dream, a bad dream, a nightmare. Jaeseop looked at me confused as I opened my mouth and tried to talk.

“Suho was upset because you weren’t there!” He reproached “Instead you’re here dating this dude” Minho talking like that was so surreal that I simply laughed, gaining a glare from Jaeseop, at the same time he released my arm.

“What the hell is this?” he mumbled.

“I’m not dating any dude, Minho, he’s my neighbor, I’m sick and he was helping me, and anyways that’s none of your business, I pushed AJ into the building and closed the door behind us, leaving a perplex Minho outside.

“What was that?” Jaeseop frowned irritated.

“My ex boyfriend, being an idiot, I’m really, really sorry about this incident” I apologized, but Jaeseop’s expression didn’t change. He remained quiet, looking at me annoyed.

“Why are you mad?” I asked as he walked towards the lift. 

“Do you think I’m an idiot?” He snapped as he turned around and glared at me once more time. “That was SHINee’s Minho, am I wrong?” I simply shook my head “You’re trying to make him jealous using me! Don’t you realize you can cause me problems?” 

“I… Jaeseop this is not what is happening” I suddenly felt the urge to apologize, to say sorry a million times but it didn’t last and reality hit me immediately. “What the hell, you know what? Since we ever met each other you keep thinking bad things about me, think whatever you want I won’t try to change your mind, that’s it, bye!” Instead of waiting for the lift I simply climbed the stairs, even though I was tired and weak, I preferred so than being in such a small place as an elevator with Jaeseop. 
Minutes later, finally at home I took out a can of orange juice from the fridge and sat in front of my computer, hoping to talk with my sister or whoever who would be able to listen without judging me, unfortunately the only person available on my skype list was one of my old friends from school. 
*You should work on the collection instead* a voice said into my head , but I decided to ignore it and cuddled on my couch to watch random videos, pictures or whatever on the internet, as long as it distracted me from my lame life it would be enough.
Unfortunately what distracted me from my problems was not anything from the Internet, but my cellphone. As soon as I picked up a face appeared on my screen. 

“May!” Suho greeted me with a strange voice.

“Hey, listen, I’m really sorry I didn’t manage to…” I was apologizing for not attending to his birthday party but he talked first.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t come, I was waiting for you!” He talked again and I finally realized he was drunk. “Just let me talk, I was waiting for you cause I had something really important to say!” 

“What is it?”

“You may think I’m lying so when I say it, just believe it, don’t make questions cause I don’t have explanations for what I feel, it’s just that” 

“Suho, you’re drunk, go and sleep!” I frowned annoyed but he simply giggled like a little kid. 

“I need to tell you this!” his voice stumbled in such a simple phrase, and I could hear someone behind him, probably one of the guys.

“Whoever who’s around just take him to sleep!” I raised my voice.

“I want you to stop thinking about Minho or that neighbor of yours!” Suho suddenly said scowling. “May, I want to say the truth, I need you to know how I feel” his face was each time closer to the screen and I sighed frustrated, I had enough problems to actually care about a drunk guy “I really, really…” before he could say something else Kyung Soo appeared on the screen and took his cellphone away.
“Hyung, let’s go to sleep.” Then he looked at me and awkwardly smiled “Don’t mind him, I’m sorry he’s bothering you, I’ll take him to his bed now, bye!” I simply rolled eyes as I waved goodbye.

Finally my sister went online and sent me a message, we were talking about my work, G and her new apartment and I tried to avoid thinking about Minho, Jaeseop or Suho, but at last I ended by telling her all about them.

“Minho is an idiot, Suho is crazy and Jeaseop is paranoic” my sister explained with a smile “Ignore them, focus on your work and don’t make G mad”

As she said so, someone knocked the door and I stormed out of the living room to attend my visitor.

“Hey!” Jaeseop was standing there, touching the back of his nape clumsily. “I’m sorry” He finally said after an uncomfortable moment on which both of us looked at each other.

“It’s ok, thanks for worrying about me earlier” I said rubbing my eyes.

“You should quit drinking and smoking” He suggested gaining laughs from me.

“You talk if I was an alcoholic girl who smokes everyday” I complained.

“You helped me with my allergy and I feel way better since that day, I want to help you back that’s it” 

“Then, Thank you”


“Fine” instead of doing or saying something intelligent we both were there standing like idiots until he went back to himself and gave a step backwards 

“See you around, don’t be so stressed” 

“Thank you, you don’t overwork yourself and if the allergies return take your medicine” I waved my hand as he started to walk away.
I closed the door when he disappeared from my sight and leaned my back against it as I sighed.

“Why are you sighing?!” My sister asked me from my computer. 

“Nothing!” I lied; of course she didn’t believed me.

Next week May and G worked day and night, she didn’t see Jaeseop at all and he was busy as well, recording an EP and having a lot of events. May barely thought about Minho, Suho or anything that was not part of her work, she was so into it that G started to worry about her health, but it was the last week until presenting their final proposal for the company.
Jaeseop in the other hand was seen unusually happy, going around smiling, talking to the cameras more than he used to do and being all hyper. U-kiss members were indeed suspicious about his sudden change of humor.

“Have you noticed Jaeseop is acting all happy lately?” Soohyun asked to Eli and Kevin who were sitting by his side.

“Yeah, it started about the time we came back from Colombia” Kevin coincided. 

“Actually it started since we were in Colombia” Dongho left his ipad and joined the conversation. 

“Probably he met someone!” Eli ventured as a possible option.

“Or maybe he’s dating someone!” Soohyun said “Aish… and I’m all alone!” he complained.

“Probably it’s that so!” Hoon suddenly spoke gaining everybody’s attention “He bought an expensive necklace there, a silver one with a heart pendant, he asked my opinion but I didn’t realize what it meant until now!” the rest of U-kiss members started to mumble incoherent things until Jaeseop and Kiseop went into the waiting room.

“Probably is that neighbor of his” Dongho mumbled into Kevin’s ear as he nodded in agreement.

“We need to meet her soon!” 

“Let’s make a surprise party in his house for his birthday and ask her to join us!” Eli proposed when AJ got distracted talking to Hoon.” 

“This must be called Operation Silver Necklace” Kiseop trolled around when he caught up with the conversation.

 U-kiss members had a plan, but unfortunately they were about to meet the wrong girl.
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Wrote 4 years ago
WTF KYUNG SOO!? I was dying to know what Suho was about to say!! xD
I'm so curious about how Operation Silver Necklace will turn out. :D

Wrote 4 years ago
Awwww Minho so .....i like him and this set so preppy:)

Wrote 4 years ago
awesome story!!
And about YG party I'm not sure either, it's mainly done to do a collaboration with @simplyme-jonesfamily !

Wrote 4 years ago
Wow, first off...awwww AJ like May! lalalala ^.^
Minho needs to stop being grumpy -.- poooo....
And Suho, was he just about to confess 0.o? Are there three guys now?! What?!
Operation Silver Necklace...oh this should be fun :D
I loved your long update, I can't wait until the next part ^__^



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