G.NA's "Opps" (ft. Ilhoon) MV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp1vK-KU4RE

Well first off I was very excited when I found out that ilhoon was going to be in this video ^^____^^ (And I actually had to watch this music video twice because the first time was spent fangirling over the little cutie player) 

But even after trying to pay attention to the music video- I still can't figure it out 0.o Can anyone explain it to me? Maybe I'm just missing something obvious...

But I really liked the song, which surprised me 0.0 Because I kind of gave up on G.NA coming out with a song that I'd actually like. If the song/dance didn't have the whole "opps" part in it then it would have been perfect. 


So I'm making a lot of sets today to get caught up. Why is that every artist was quiet throughout December/January and then all of a sudden these last six weeks it seems like everyone is coming back?! Am I the only one that feels that way? 

But it's not a bad thing, more music for me to hear and love <3

When I was volunteering yesterday with my kids, one of them asked me what I listened to, so I answered K-pop to the little girl. And then one of my favorite comes up next to her, looks straight at me and says in the most serious voice. 

"Wow...fantastic baby"

And the teachers couldn't understand why I was spazzing out so much and hugging the kid to death...
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