Here's the drill: You can change anything you don't like, but let us know. There's two characters that you can't change anything from (which are Rowan's sisters). Try to avoid auditioning for the same character as others, but if you do, keep a top 3 just in case. We want to be fair with everyone and obviously we want everyone to get a part in the RP. Have fun, try to collab with others. If you use their characters, make sure to ask them or let them know.


Name: Abigail “Abby” Richardson
Age: 17
Hometown: San Jose, California
Bio: Abby is the type of girl everyone avoids having a debate with. She's just that super annoying girl that knows everything. It's not Abigail's fault that she's better than you. When she's not out there fighting zombies, she enjoys reading. Abby's father is the owner of an important law firm in Silicon Valley, but they can't go back because California is infested with zombies. So for now, she's staying in their penthouse in New York with her mother while her father is doing some business trips.
People you’ve lost (missing/deceased): Her mother claims her dad is on business trips, but Abby's certain he's missing.
Weapon of choice: Knife
Suggested Model: Sasha Luss
Taken by: 

Name: Catalina Lopez
Age: 23
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Bio: Catalina lost everyone she ever loved because of the outbreak, but unlike others, she thinks it's God's punishment because of all the sins we've committed. She fears that we've lost our faith and that this is the reason why people are being reanimated: their souls can't rest in peace because they aren't free of sin. She just hopes that this will end soon and that she has done enough good deeds to earn her way into heaven... but just in case, she has decided to move out of Texas to New York. You know, just as precaution.
People you’ve lost (missing/deceased): Her fiancé, parents and grandmother are all dead.
Weapon of choice: She doesn't condone the use of weapons but she's very smart at hiding.
Suggested Model: Bruna Tenorio
Taken by: 

Name: Wyatt Lee
Age: 20
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Bio: Wyatt is the super cool guy that everyone loved back in high school. He took a two-years extended sabbatical from college because it kept affecting his personal life. Next thing he knows, zombies are invading the streets. It's like the poor guy can't win. But that's cool with Wyatt, because he has vast experience in the zombie field. You see, Wyatt is a 'living dead' enthusiast: he reads zombie books and comics, he loves a good zombie movie and he has played every single zombie game out there. But sometimes we need to separate fiction from reality and Wyatt's knowledge is way off from what a real zombie outbreak is.
People you’ve lost (missing/deceased): Parents are missing, but Wyatt thinks it's because they're disappointed in his decision of taking a sabbatical.
Weapon of choice: Glock G17 Gun
Suggested Model: Robbie Wadge
Taken by: 

Name: Avery Moore
Age: 19
Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island
Bio: Avery has one of the smartest IQs in the whole country, with 175. How do you think she has survived this long? Her super awesome survival skills have kept her alive this far, and she doesn't plan on being defeated anytime soon. She's a lone wolf: she's the girl you don't expect to be seen waiting for someone to save her, instead, she takes her own matters into her hands and doesn't mind getting dirty.
People you’ve lost (missing/deceased): Her best friend (and roommate).
Weapon of choice: Spear
Suggested Model: Jacqueline Jablonski
Taken by: 

Name: Skye Miller
Age: 22
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Bio: Skye is the resident badas.s. She's not afraid of zombies, if any of the living dead approaches her, instead of running away and hiding, Skye stays there and fights, always winning. Unlike other people, Skye's technique is that she doesn't stay in a place for too long, which is why she's currently in the East coast. But Skye is aware she can't go on much longer without supplies and a reinforcement team, so she's on the lookout to see if anyone wants to team up with her. 
People you've lost (missing/deceased): No one special.
Weapon of choice: Chainsaw
Suggested Model: Joan Smalls
Taken by:

Name: Erin Armstrong
Age: 21
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bio: Erin had always been in charge of the family ever since her older brother Rowan left to the Air Force. Unlike her boring young sister, Ella, Erin is a firm believer in a good conspiracy theory. Right now she believes that the government has to do with the recent zombie outbreaks, even though they won't admit it. For Erin, these stories are a new adventure waiting to be explored. When Rowan got home, he tried to shut her ideas down, but you can't stop a girl who is convinced about her ideals. Erin has plans to make it to Washington, D.C. to uncover the truth about the zombie outbreak.
Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows
Model: Emily Wake
Taken by:

Name: Ella Armstrong
Age: 18
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bio: Ella has always been the mediator between her two strong-headed siblings, Rowan and Erin. She hates to see them fight all the time over stupid things... who cares if Erin believes that the government created the zombies? And who cares if Rowan doesn't believe that? They should be focusing in the real issue: how to escape from the country. Ella is a good strategist and she has been planning for some time a way to get out of the US, at least to Canada... if only she'd have the funds. But Ella won't give up that easily, she's determined and that's something that defines the Armstrong household. She'll either make it or die trying.
Weapon of choice: Slingshot
Model: Emma Dumont
Taken by:

Name: Liam Hall
Age: 32
Hometown: Bossier City, Louisiana
Bio: Liam was a successful accountant before the zombie outbreak. When the outbreak began, his daughter Olivia got bit when she was walking home from school. Liam and his wife Elizabeth packed their bags and started heading north hoping there’s a cure somewhere. Now, their daughter is getting worse. Will they reach the east coast on time or will he have to kill his own daughter?
People you’ve lost (missing/deceased): His in-laws Judy and Ray (missing), sister Amy (deceased) and his brother Parker (missing)
Weapon of choice: A Springfield '03 rifle
Model: Alex O'Loughlin
Taken by:

Name: Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Hall 
Age: 27
Hometown: Bossier City, Louisiana
Bio: Liz is still in shock with the X-104 Virus situation. She can’t seem to comprehend how one day she left to go grocery shopping and returned home to find her daughter Olivia bitten and burning in fever. Olivia had been infected with said virus. Elizabeth panicked since she feared that Olivia wouldn’t make it. Liz and her husband Liam packed their bags and left their home looking for a cure. Will she finally accept that this might be the end of the world or will her denial consume her sanity?
People you’ve lost (missing/deceased): Her parents Judy and Ray (missing), sister-in-law Amy (deceased), brother-in-law Parker (missing) and best friend Kristen (deceased).
Weapon of choice: Smith & Wesson Sigma 9 mm semi-automatic
Model: Anna Paquin
Taken by:
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