Hey Guys,
I'm very very very happy today! My converse finally arrived. After two days of anticipation ( Sat by the door waiting for the doorbell to ring.) It finally did and I <3 them. Like I've worn them all day and there super comfy If you follow my Twitter *Cough,cough* then I posted a picture earlier. :D Now I've just got to give my mum £27. Sigh. Least its my money though...
Knife Party- Bonfire 
(Yes, I am a bit of a Dubstep fan. Is that bad? Oh well. Depends though. It's a little mainstream now.)

I was thinking today that one day were all going to die and how short our life actually is. There's so many things I want to do in life before I'm to old but I realize most of them wont happen. I think my top 10 things to do before I die would be, Not in order;
1. Meet Dan and Phil
2. See the Northern Lights
3. Snorkel in The Great Barrier Reef
4. Visit the Grand Canyon
5. Pet an Elephant/Giraffe
6. Visit the Statue Of Liberty
7. Go to Japan
8. Go to Las Vegas
9. Go to America
10. Meet my favorite celebrity, Not that I have one.

Yeah. That's pretty much it. Oh and of course getting married, having kids and having a good job.
Have a great day guys,
But remember,
Lululovesyou xx
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