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May 12: Sure the beach is obviously fun during the day, but who said it can’t be fun at night? Night swimming is way more fun with a little company, if you know what I mean…
Charlie was out of town and for that I was glad. I was so nervous about Holden being back in town. Especially if Charlie was going to represent him. I was trying to talk him out of it, but I didn't want to be too obvious. I didn't want him to know. 

When Eva called me, I decided to go to the beach with her and some of our friends. Maybe she'd let her hair down since it was night time after all. 

"Hey! You coming or what?" I heard the call from my apartment window, and instantly recognized Eva's brass voice. 

"Don't get your panties all in a bunch!" I shouted out, putting on a smile then ran downstairs and practically leaped in the car. 

I kissed Eva's cheeks hello then smiled at Amelia. she was the girl who through that party. Eva immediately started driving then smiled pointing her arm recklessly at the girl beside her in the passenger seat. "And this is pepper." 

She turned around slightly offering a hand and I took it then kissed her cheeks as well. "Pepper, nice to meet you. I'm orange. I think we'll be fantastic friends."

She laughed "Pepper and Orange. I never thought I'd find someone with a name as weird as mine." 

I laugh as well smiling brightly. "I know, right? this is perfect." 

Hmm...this nice was starting out to be fun.
So sorry this is so sucky im just super tireddddddd
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