Hey, it's still autumn : )

Life has been SUPER crazy lately, which is usually the reason I end up not signing on here for a while. Dad and I went on that university weekend last weekend and this weekend is Halloween, not to mention everything in between. Hahaha : )

University weekend - ended up being "Harvard weekend," which I had predicted, but it wasn't absolutely horrible. Surprisingly that wasn't the only university we checked out, and plus it was entertaining just spending the weekend away in MA. I have realized though that I've been talking about my college preferences pretty explicitly on here, and I have to stop doing that just to protect my privacy. Because, as strange as it seems, I'm going to be at one of these places eventually and I don't see myself leaving polyvore before then. And I want to be private about what school I'm going to be at, hahaha. And strangely enough, I think I figured out what I actually want to be this weekend. Remember how I said I was having a hard decision about what I actually wanted to be? Well... I want to be a teacher. I said that to Robert when he called and he was like, "HAHAHA, you'd be a great teacher. 'Siddown, kids, or I'll kill you!'"

The weekend BEFORE that I updated a little about. I dragged Jen out on one of those amazing warm and sunny fall days [the kind where it's a perfect excuse to break out the brown corduroys but also for me to wear my favorite gold t-shirt and just a sports jacket and a french braid] to Central Park to take pictures of the changing leaves, and then later that afternoon she and I hung at a friend of her's house. Her friend's family lives in a townhouse in an awesome area of the city. We didn't do hardly anything when we came, but it was fun anyway because we hung out on the front steps of their house. Just that can be fun, because she lives on a super busy street - a largely residential area, so there are people everywhere, riding bikes, carrying home good smelling food for supper, everything.

This past week has been crazy busy as well.

Monday - School, stayed after for English help, and was approached by a friend that ended up putting together a haunted house after all and wanted my "harness expertise" [from when I was Fruma Sarah in Fiddler on the Roof]. So for some of Halloween night, I'm going to be helping him and a bunch of other friends out at a Haunted House he put together himself. I'm going to get in a white raggedy dress and white makeup and white hair and hang on a harness on the ceiling. Isn't that crazy? Anyway, we also ended up going to a fall festival at a UES elementary school that Ella's friend goes to. Super fun. Each level of the school had different stuff to eat and activities, and even the street was blocked off for a little.

Tuesday - School, stayed after for English help, rehearsed the haunted house.

Wednesday - School, stayed after for English help, had Russian dance.

Thursday - School and enjoyed the unusually warm day in Central park with friends.

Friday [Yesterday] - School, stayed after for English help, then I went straight to Scarlett's where she, Thomas, and that group of friends and I all got ready for the Halloween Hop which is tonight at my school. We're all going in costume, so we all hung out and got our costumes together and ate pigs-in-a-blanket that Scarlett's father made for us. When we finished we picked up supper in Little Italy and then decided that we'd try this tradition one of our friends that used to live in New Orleans had with his friends when he was a child, where they'd buy inexpensive Halloween stuff and run around, ringing friends' doorbells and leaving it at their front door [like little presents, nothing scary]. We did that for our friends, which ended up being hilarious trying to sneak up to their door and, when we were in apartments, coming up with creative ways to get past apartment security, and dashing down the hall and willing the elevator doors to shut before anyone could open their door and see who it was.

And this evening's the Halloween Hop : ) See ya!
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