The Festival of Woden (Odin), in his aspect as God of the dead was held. Rituals focused on disguise, the sacred wild horse, (the winter mare of Callieach), and plays depicting the sacred mysteries of life, death and re-birth. 

This became All Souls' Day after the Island of Britain was Christianized, (following much war and strong resistance to departure from Druidic traditions), 998 A.D. A ritual of ancient origin called Soul-Caking survived in some parts into the 19th cenury. Children would beg forcakes through their villages in return for praying for the souls of the dead. Originally it was a symbol of respect and rememberance of ancestors, (as the above-described Day of the Dead is now). 

Beware: according to folklore, if you marry on this day you are sure to meet misfortune, illness, divorce and/or an untimely demise. Yikes! Could just be a leftover of making ancient fertility/sacred marriage rituals look bad, or maybe the ancients held the superstition themselves, I'm not sure.
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