orange & yellow

lately i've been way into orange and yellow. when i see orange and yellow in sets the rounds of my pupils turn into hearts and i press like. i can't help it.
this is just a bunch of items, most of which are just from my items, from pale yellow to dark orange (sort of??) with a random 1 1/2 row of dark yellow at the end.

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Wrote 8 months ago
Awesome ♥

Wrote one year ago
@heartb3at that's actually a pretty good reason to explain this recent love for these colours! and yes yes yes, i know what set you're talking about!! it's one of the sets that inspired this, definitely. along with some of yours! xx

Wrote one year ago
maybe it's just the season changing and missing warmth but i also really really love yellow/orange lately! sylvie posted a set yesterday and it had a pop of orangish red and i was like. yes. this. please do more.


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