Why do I love you?
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Why do I love Kim Hyun Joong?
Firstly,I'm not a big fan of SS501 since debuted,that time TVXQ so much fluents me,kinda dislike their style.
Suddenly when? this person caught my eyes first time i saw him in love letter [Kang Ho dong MC] also i love all his game show that he was appeared. 

OMO~ handsome,he look so young that time.
wanna lists>>I do like his sport skill,he can playing guitar ,he can do ssanti dance,I love his voice,i love his character. and in real life he is closed friend of Jaejoong,Yoochun&T.O.P and they all are my biased what's a happy place.[seem like crazy stalking fan]..Surely my self Really Really like him,is an enough :) 

But I'm so much happy coz his house stay so near my house in Seoul,i see him as an ordinary ppl,he's nice and down on earth.one thing that bothering me is i never ask him give me a sign his aura made me forgot to do,even I got a chance but my shy alert --> Bang!!!!
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