Set inspired by my favorite color"White" and my real life style has alive again.

Today I've missing to Korea/Seoul that much than before ..I don't know when i'll have time to go to Seoul again but this week all my games[4 battles] we've all won and next week we don't have any..but my regular work still busy.

Me and Stephanie have plan to go to Nagasaki to do photoshoot for winter not exactly my work just my friend asking me to helping her new editorial in case if she has missing the extra...sudden i'm an extra for her not main for her shoot at all.
i seemed like i need to find fresh air outside Tokyo and Nagasaki-Hiroshima is such a good idea right?

Today since i've finished my game an early,idk sth inspired me to go shopping alone wow! i just do shopping after for awhile since early summer?
i went to sweater shop,taking times to picked it 
i need to buy colors item and i end up with grey oversized one..and green cropped sweater one.

And first time longer than i did shopped cloth,i went to make up store and just realized Tokyo is the best place to find make up around the world 
i felt dizzy even just looking to it.how about looking to 200 shades of lipsticks hmmm O_O"
maybe next time i'll show you what's item i've bought.
i've someone to take care for their facial skin haha<3
but i'm not expert when it's come to make up,i just know stuff from my agency i did experiencing about it just need to learn how to put on make up by myself,it's hard as much as cooking.~ <3

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