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Hey!!! Fernanda here!

Okay so one of our awesome followers { @karlsduh } asked us to make a tip for staying organized in school so I decided I would :) I know we're in summer but other parts of the world aren't or people have to go to summer school whatever it will be here!

Tip 1 ~
 Date your papers. I know it sounds stupid but it REALLY helps, you can see how old a paper is and decide if you should keep it or through it away; it also helps you organize your binder, if your like me and you want everything in chronological order.

Tip 2 ~
 Get a planner. Having all your plans for a certain day written down helps your remember them all. Also you can write down your homework and remember to do it.

Tip 3 ~
 Have a binder. It still amazes me how many people just put everything in there book-bag/backpack and it get crumpled, lost, or even wet {if you spill something}. It also helps if you have 2 or more; you can keep your core class {math, science, history} stuff in one and your electives {language, choir, band, art, knitting etc.} stuff in another.

Tip 4 ~
 Folders. If you don't want a binder cause they can be bulky use a folder. You can also get both and just put your homework in the folder so you know where your HW. is when your ready to do it or to turn it in. One thing about folders that suck is that they can get ruined easier so if your not the kind of person take care of what goes in your bag you might not one to get a folder, or put it in a binder.

Tip 5 ~
 Sticky Notes. They help you keep little notes. What I suggest is that you have a small bag for just your sticky notes so you don't have them everywhere.

Tip 6 ~ 
 Pencil Bag. They keep all your pencils, pens, markers, colors, whatever in one place.

Tip 7 ~
 Clean out. About every trimester/semester {whichever your school has} take EVERYTHING out of your book-bag/backpack and keep what you need and through out what you don't.

If you want to add anything just PM me or comment I'll add it and give you credit. >.<
~ Adios for now
 Fernanda { @fernanda-fern }
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